20 Beautiful single page website designs to pay attention to

Most people’s idea of a website consists of a collection of pages that are organized through a logical navigation menu. But there are many single page websites that manage to get the job done. What’s more, many of these single page websites are incredibly well designed. If you’re considering a long form sales page or simply want to condense your content into one page, here are the website designs you need to pay attention to.

1. B Yoga

B Yoga takes away the white space and transforms the whole site into one large photograph. This creates a feeling of being immersed into the design. The design also places content boxes and interactive elements in strategic locations to engage users.

2. JSConfar

While this is a web design for an older event, the design has held up throughout the years. It uses retro aesthetics, animated images and transition effects beautifully. The site also manages to provide all the information about the conference in a single page.

3. Field Estate Wine

This is the perfect example of visual storytelling done right. In a single page design, an intriguing story of a product is told through beautiful backgrounds, great content, tasteful colors and real photos. The design even manages to integrate an eCommerce sale mid way through the page.

4. Rosa

While this design is technically a theme, it’s one of the best themes you’ll come across for restaurants. The layout is incredibly well done and features high quality photos and covers various aspects of the restaurant to make the visitors feel like they have a strong idea of what to expect.

5. Daniel Simon

Daniel Simon is a designer that uses a collection of high-resolution digital photos to show off his past work. The varying layouts with integrated multimedia make for an entertaining and breathtaking experience. To end the page, a simple navigation menu is presented at the footer for good measure.

6. Cutthroat Cavalier

The idea behind Cutthroat Cavalier’s design is simple but the presentation is so unique, interesting and sophisticated. The site uses high-resolution photos of their products and uses a 4×4 and 1×1 to lace the content boxes with links and photos. The result is a beautiful fashion magazine style layout.

7. BrightMedia

Brightmedia is a design agency that has created an incredibly immersive experience with a single page website. They use beautiful transition effects to lead the user down the page all the while playing background music that matches the theme of the design.

8. Costa

Costa uses a beautiful one-page animation that scrolls sideways to tell their story about their coffee. Each screen has multiple elements that you can click, making it a fun and novel web experience. This is a great example of a design that’s completely different from the norm.

9. World Food Clock

World Food Clock is almost like an interactive infographic that’s designed to create awareness about global food problems. Infographics are already attractive but the fact that the counters are updating and the site asks you to take part in the experience takes it to another level.

10. Visionare

Visionare is a great one page website that controls the user’s pace with fixed pages. It uses beautiful animations, transition effects and bright colors to lead users down their page. This presentation proves that designs like this can easily be used for a reseller hosting sites.

11. Apidura

This beautiful concept website design has so many things going for it. It uses edgy and futuristic typography, links organized in geographic shapes and transparent headers which are set on a beautiful background. It’s important to note that this design is for an eCommerce site model.

12. Market Street Catch

This long form food concept design is the perfect way to wow your website visitors if you operate a food related business. The concept uses multiple full photo pages to whet the appetite of visitors while providing the information they need. The photos are what keeps you wanting to continue browsing as they make you want to know about the visuals presented in the next section.

13. Support Kyoto

This illustration based website uses parallax throughout the whole site to tell a story about climate change. Unlike other parallax heavy sites, their site tends to load without any issues. This may be due to the fixed scrolling limits so the parallax effects aren’t overwhelming.

14. Degordian Academy

It can feel uninspiring to design for topics like reseller hosting, investing and real estate. Degordian Academy proves that sometimes great typography is all you need. The entire single page website is driven by typography and layouts. Even though the design is simple, it’s impactful and to the point.

15. Garden Estudio

Garden Estudio is a beautiful single page website that is designed to sell the services of a designer and digital marketer. It uses beautiful animated images to bring the portfolio to life and a beautiful theme that plays throughout the whole page.

16. OBH Landing Page Concept

This is another beautiful concept site for a travel site. The site uses beautiful photos and takes away predictable patterns in the layout. It still manages to look clean as everything is organized everything in a clean grid design.

17. Lexus

Single page websites that are designed to sell one product can really learn from this example. Lexus uses beautiful photos, angles and interact elements in a full background site. Other companies like Apple and Samsung have used these types of designs to sell their product.

18. FruFru

This food and restaurant concept design is all about minimalism. It combines lots of white space, integrates beautiful photos and uses relevant iconography to provide the user exactly what he or she is needs on the site.

19. Dan ross

This is a slick and ultra minimalist website designed for Flow. All the elements are simple and organized in clear web buttons. Big popovers come out of the page when you click on certain web buttons. It’s utterly simple but manages to be very stylish.

20. An Interesting Day

This site starts out with a large animated image that moves as your mouse is hovered over it. It follows that up with a ticker that lists names of speakers for the event and presents a popover on the hover. This is rounded out by beautiful typography and a well-designed call to action intended to sign up attendees.

Single page website designs can be just as impactful as multi-page websites. These examples give a small glimpse into what you can do, and prove that there’s no limit to the types and styles of designs that you can use for single page websites.


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