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  1. Alexei says:

    Hi! Love your posts
    Especially logo stuff
    I have noticed quite a few Russian logo designs
    They are great, but the translation is really suffering
    I can understand the metaphor behind as I am a native Russian speaker
    But people who are not, will hardly get it.

    For example the ‘ Ocean ‘ . It’s very smart design . But There
    Should be translation in the description that it’s actually a Photo studio.
    Then people will get it. Otherwise the meaning is lost.

    Or your translation of just ‘Dacha’ doesn’t mean anything for English speaking crowd.
    Or ‘Sdelano’ it means ‘Done’ in this case. And now people suddenly get the metaphor. And the puzzle gets together…
    You know what mean, right?

    Alexei Romanov

  2. SungTow says:

    Wow, that is some pretty amazing stuff dude.