9 free landing page templates or psd for 2014

The article for free UI kit for 2014 download was well received so I thought I will do another one focusing on landing page templates. Why landing page? This is one of the most commonly used pages for a lot of web design work so providing some free templates will help you guys reduce the time needed to code one from scratch.  All the landing page templates you see here were only available since 2014 so they are very new and should be fresh to you. If you like the work, please give the creators some sign of appreciation. Here is the list.


#1:Super Simple Landing Page by Rishabh Varshney

free landing page templates for 2014-1 This is a clean landing page design that is great for folks looking for a minimalist look.  There is nothing fancy here but it covers all the necessary stuff that a good landing page needs.


#2:App Landing Page by Thomas Budiman

free landing page templates for 2014-2 For app landing page, this free psd will give you a good starting point to customize your work. It has a nice template that has all the necessary features of a good landing page.


#3:  jLanding — by JDavydko

free landing page templates for 2014-3 jLanding is a nice free landing page template that has Google Map integration. It is suitable for those who are looking to make a travel centric website.


#4: Freebers – by Asif Aleem

free landing page templates for 2014-4 For folks who like to make a design showcase or gallery site, this is a nice landing page template that you can work with. It has a search bar right at the front to allow easy navigation by the users.


#5:My.kingdom one pgae PSD Template by themecurve

free landing page templates for 2014-5 A minimalist landing page template with a nice color theme. This can be used for promoting a web app or any formal business website. It looks really professionally and can be customized rather easily.


#6:Shipping Service Landing Page by Fuxxo Works

free landing page templates for 2014-6 This is a interesting landing page template that targets the shipping industry. If you happen to be working on one, this will be the perfect template for you to download.


#7: Mobile App Landing Page by Asif Aleem

free landing page templates for 2014-7 I liked the color scheme for this free landing page design that is meant for mobile apps.  It is clean and looks really professional. It can be used out of the box without much customization.


#8: Fitness Landing Pages – by Dhiren Adesara

free landing page templates for 2014-8 This is a great looking landing page template for a fitness website. On top of this, there are 2 other free landing page templates you can download from the author. Definitely worth a look if you are looking for such templates.


#9: App Landing Page by Andreansyah Setiawan

free landing page templates for 2014-9 The curved background adds a nice touch to this landing page template of apps that differentiates itself from other similar design.

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  1. flavia says:

    thanks I find it very useful for any project

  2. Alvie says:

    Great list, i like the 1st one 🙂

  3. Jose Vega says:

    What are the licensing terms of these designs?

  4. Jabedul islam masud says:

    Superb landing template.I think jlanding is the best,i like it.
    Great work dude.

  5. Miguel Araujo says:

    very nice landing page, thanks

  6. Robert says:

    Simple is the best, but something simple is not easy to reach.