20 Most Dangerous Mountains Peaks in the World

Mountains are one of the most beautiful parts in the world. Mountains are made up of earth and rock material and climates of mountains like logging, mining grazing or spectacular views. Some people love adventure and do the Hiking, backpacking, mountaineering, rock climbing, ice climbing, downhill skiing, and snowboarding are entertaining activities enjoyed on mountains. Today’s collection is about 20 Most Dangerous Mountains Peaks in the World.

Mount K2

Mount K2, border between Pakistan and China Height: 8.611 m, Climber named “Wild Mountain”, K2 is the second summit of the world as high, after Everest. However, K2 beat his rivals in terms of the dangers and difficulties.Mount earned in time the sad reputation of “Killer of Women.” From the six mountaineers who have climbed over time, only one, Edurne Pasaban of Spain, escaped with his life.At least 77 climbers died on K2 so far, most bodies never being recovered …

Mount Nanga Parbat

Mount Nanga Parbat, Pakistan Height: 8.125 m,Nanga Parbat translates into Mount Blank, because its huge rocky hills devoid of vegetation, well, in the climbers jargon, the mountain has earned a reputation for gruesome “people killer.” So far, from the 261 climbers who have climbed the peak, 61 have died in the conditions listed above.Slovenian climber Tomaz Humar, remained isolated for six days on an ice wall at a height of 5900 meters, he only survive because of an lucky intervention made by Pakistani army, which rescued him with a military helicopter.

Mt. Fuji, Japan

Mt. Fuji, classically flanked by sakura (cherry blossoms), is one of Japan’s most recognizable landmarks.

Ama Dablam, Nepal

At 6,812 meters (22,349 ft), Ama Dablam is a popular Himalayan expedition peak that’s said to be a more difficult climb than Everest.

Mount McKinley, Alaska, S.U.A.

Mount McKinley, Alaska, S.U.A.Height: 6.194 m
Athabasca Indians tribes call it Denali, that is Great in their language. And the mountain rise to his reputation … McKinley is not only the highest mountain in North America, but also a great collector of lives.

Half Dome, California, USA

The Merced River carved out Yosemite Valley, sculpting what today is one of the main attractions of Yosemite National Park — Half Dome.

Wayna Potosí, Bolivia

Rising to the northwest of La Paz/El Alto, Wayna Potosí and its jagged glacial ridges draws the title of “easiest 6,000er in the world.”

Mt. Merapi, Indonesia

Located near the ruins of Borobudur in central Java, this volcano is very active. Would You Live Here?

Huangshan, China

Huangshan’s lumpy granite peaks and gnarled pine trees are the stuff of Zen art scrolls.

Mont Blanc, France

Western Europe’s highest attracts plenty of hikers, skiers, and mountaineers every year.

Mt. Hood, Oregon, USA

Another dormant (for now) volcano, Mt. Hood is one of the tallest peaks in the Cascade Range.

Cerro Fitz Roy, Chile

Fitz Roy’s spires appear on pretty much every Patagonian ad poster.

Denali, Alaska, USA

In terms of vertical rise, Denali is taller than Everest, and its bulk is certainly greater. It’s the highest mountain in North America.

Machapuchare, Nepal

Mount Annapurna, Nepal Height: 8.091 m, Known also as “Fish’s Tail” and the “Matterhorn of Nepal,” Machapuchare is considered sacred and is off-limits to climbers, but you can get a great view while Trekking the Annapurna Sanctuary.
Photo: baswallet

Sajama, Bolivia

Sajama’s fat triangle is the tallest peak in Bolivia, and its summit was the site of the highest soccer match ever played.
Photo: ch images

Mt. Everest, Roof of the World

Mount Everest, Nepal, The highest mountain in the world remains on top when it comes to danger, climbing difficult or, worse, loss of life. And if you thought that the height does not cost, wrong again.Merged, the final costs of an adventure Chomolugma, rise to approximately $ 25,000 per person, not a negligible amount of money in these times.From 1953, when Sir Edmund Hillary conquered the Everest for the first time, until the end of 2009, “Roof of the World” asked to sacrifice to 216 people.

Photo: Ryan Kilpatrick

Mount Charro Chalten, Patagonia

Mount Charro Chalten, Patagonia, Border between Chile and Argentina Height: 3.375 m

Mount Matterhorn, Italy

Mount Matterhorn, Italy, Swiss border Height: 4.478 m, The first successful ascent was undertaken in 1865, when the expedition led by mountaineer Edward Whymper, succeeded in climbing the peak.

Mount Washington

Mount Washington, New Hampshire, United States of AmericaHeight: 1.917 m, until now, the frozen slopes took the lives of over 100 people. Winter temperatures drop to -43 degrees Fahrenheit, and when the wind blows down to -75 degrees temperature.[via]

Mount Kangchenjunga

Mount Kangchenjunga, the border between India and Nepal Height: 8.586 m.Take the bronze medal in the competition of the highest mountains in the world, defeated only by K2 and Everest, Kangchenjunga (translation from Nepali meens “the Five Treasures of Snow”) is actually a massif which contains five peaks, each exceeding height of 8450 meters.[via]

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  2. zaki says:

    the most dangerous peeks in the whole world k2 and nanga parbat are from pakistan and the person make the web didnt even write the name of the country i am surprised cuz all the mountain are tagged with there country name and the most 2 dangerous mountain k2 and nange parbat dont even have there country name

  3. sergio says:

    The fitz roy is in Argentina, not in chile.

  4. ejl says:

    Annapurna is the deadliest with a fatality rate of over 40%

  5. Uh…Mt. Fuji and Mt. Hood are in the same class of “dangerous” as Nanga Parbat and K2? By what deranged criteria? Mt. Washington, for heaven’s sake? Oh, and double me up for the Denali/McKinley and the Fitz Roy/El Chalten debacles.

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    Mount Matterhorn is a border mountain, that’s right ,but the shown side is from Switzerland; the Italians have a far less spectacular side.

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    Mt Fitz Roy & El Chalten are the same mountain, and they are in Argentina

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    Denali and McKinley are the same mountain. Denali is the mountain, and McKinley is the park it’s in.