15 beautiful flat dashboard design

We have covered quite a bit of design inspiration for the flat ui concept. Specifically, you can find the following: 28 free flat UI design kit, 15 single page flat design, 40 flat UI design inspiration, 25 free fonts for flat UI etc. Overall, I would say the coverage on flat UI design has been extensive on SmashingHub but I don’t think we are seeing the end of this trend yet. I am sure there will be more applications of flat UI in areas that we have not touch on. Hence, expect to see more design inspirations regarding the use of flat design in different areas. Today’s article is one such piece that showcases flat dashboard designs.


Flat dashboard design #1 by Tiberiu

flat dashboard design 1

A very refreshing design that uses a nice combination of colors schemes to bring the dashboard alive. Due to their placement, the colors did not distract from the clean interface. Indeed they enhances the white very nicely.


Flat dashboard design #2 by Piotr

flat dashboard design 2

The unique color tone and the blurred background makes this a beautiful showcase of your activities online.  The overall design is also something that you don’t see everyday. Well done!


Flat dashboard design #3 by Piotr

flat dashboard design 3

What can I say about this design but WOW!. The bold use of the image and colors make this flat UI dashboard jumps out from the rest. Some might find it confusing but I loved the way it challenges conventional dashboard design.


Flat dashboard design #4 by Ivo

flat dashboard design 4

The design is clean but works gorgeous with the use of bright and distinct colors. Everything is clear as what a dashboard design should be. Very very cool.


Flat dashboard design #5 by M-leg

flat dashboard design 5

This design uses the most white space among all that has been showcased so far. Despite that, the dash of bright colors works well to highlight anything that the user should take note.  I strongly encourage you to see the full design to appreciate its beauty.


Flat dashboard design #6 by Malte

flat dashboard design 6

Inspired by #2, Malte tweaked the colors and placement to up come with a similar and yet distinctive flat dashboard design. I must say this color combination looks as good as the original.



Flat dashboard design #7 by Garrett

flat dashboard design 7


Interest use of a map based interface for the dashboard.  It is a nice attempt but I think the map part still needs some integration with the rest of the dashboard.


Flat dashboard design #8 by Cosmin

flat dashboard design 8

Combining a flat UI with the metro design gives this great looking dashboard from Cosmin. The use of images makes a strong statement visually and is good fit for the kind of website this dashboard is for.


Flat dashboard design #9 by Zendesk

flat dashboard design 9

Another clean flat UI dashboard design. It looks great on a tablet, although the color combination is not as distinct as some of the designs showcased above.


Flat dashboard design #10 by Rovane

flat dashboard design 10

There is something super zen about this whole design. There seems to be a lot you can view but the whole interface doesn’t feel cluttered at all. My hats is off to him.


Flat dashboard design #11 by Piotr

flat dashboard design 11

Another entry by Piotr which is equally outstanding. I love the circular design that is cool to view and effective at communicating the percentage of stuff being done.


Flat dashboard design #12 by Matt

flat dashboard design 12

This particular design deviates from the analytics approach. Instead, it uses full image with both video and image to let users access the hottest media right away. Great for a media based kind of website.


Flat dashboard design #13 by Rovane

flat dashboard design 13

Another superb flat dashboard design by Rovane. You need to click on the link to see its full view so as to get a better picture of how cool the whole concept is. It has picture, numbers, friends list etc but he somehow makes the whole thing looks uncluttered. Beautiful job.


Flat dashboard design #14 by Rovane

flat dashboard design 14

Sorry to highlight the same guy three times but his flat interface UI just rocks. This is another great piece of dashboard design that has all the info you need without suffocating the user.


Flat dashboard design #15 by Samuel

flat dashboard design 15

Finally, we have some nice flat graph design by Samuel. Great looking dashboard for users to browse through sales and other similar types of data.

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