10 handpicked wordpress themes for yoga teachers

We have handpicked 10 of the best wordpress themes for yoga teachers. Yoga is now a common form of exercise for many city dwellers, especially women.  As a result the Yoga industry has bloomed, resulting in a demand for yoga websites that are meant to promote the services of yoga instructors. If you are a yoga teacher, I recommend using wordpress as a platform for your own website, rather than spending a lot of money on customized solutions. Most of these professional yoga wordpress themes already contain all the functions that one would need to start a beautiful and functional yoga website. We have hand picked 10 below for you to browse through.


#1: BeautyPress yoga wordpress theme

wordpress theme for yoga teacher 1

BeautyPress is best for any wellness business, including that of yoga teaching. It has a home page builder that allows you to customise your homepage. The whole framework is responsive in nature i.e. you don’t have to worry about how your website will look on any device.


#2:  Wellness wordpress theme for yoga teacher

wordpress theme for yoga teacher 3

Wellness is ideal for a yoga teacher. It comes with a appointment taking widget on your homepage.  It also has a responsive design so it will display well regardless of where it is being viewed.


#3:  Spa Treats

wordpress theme for yoga teacher 4

Spa treats is a fully customisable wordpress them for yoga or spa owners. You can change many of the design elements, ranging from fonts, layout, colors, footer etc. It is easy to administer and is highly recommended for a yoga instructor.


#4: Gymboom

wordpress theme for yoga teacher 5

This theme has been specifically for fitness instructors including yoga teachers.  It comes with 11 customisable widget areas as well as a page builder for those who are more hands on with their web design. Needless to say, this is also a responsive theme.


#5: Spalon

wordpress theme for yoga teacher 6

Spalon is another perfect business theme for yoga teachers who wishes to have a website presence.  It has custom post types and templates for you to easily configure into what you need.


#6: Fitness Club

wordpress theme for yoga teacher 7

Fitness club theme comes with 2 very handy features for a yoga teacher. Firstly it has a stylish Front end dynamic schedule calendar that is useful for arranging your training sessions.  Secondly, it  has a dedicated trainner page that allows you to give more information about yourself as a yoga trainer.


 #7: Spa Salon

wordpress theme for yoga teacher 8

A very image heavy wordpress theme that is great for showcasing your gallery. It uses the latest full screen wordpress theme design for that extra wow effect when visitors lands on your site. Simply replace the image with your yoga picture and you are good to go.


#8: GetFit

wordpress theme for yoga teacher 9

GetFit is built on the popular bootstrap framework that allows for fast loading and responsive design.  Combined with multi language support and unlimited color palette, it is a great choice for a yoga teacher.


#9: Power Gym theme for yoga teachers

wordpress theme for yoga teacher 10

Power gym is a great theme for anyone who wants to create a fitness related website, including a yoga website.  It comes with a lot of features that  a yoga teacher will want to use such as programs, trainers, photo gallery, videos and sport categories.


 #10: Fitness Mag

wordpress theme for yoga teacher 11

For yoga teachers who want to use blogging to attract potential customers, fitness mag will be a great choice. It has been optimised to perform well in the search engines to bring you more traffic.  Other notable features include having a responsive design and unlimited color options for the header.

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  1. Norell Winburn says:

    Love them, but disagree with the headline. They are more for fitness and wellness in general, than just for Yoga. Love them anyway!!