Web design 101 for beginners

In the current internet age, we cannot expect a brand or a company without a website. Online presence is a necessity for the companies to sustain in this competitive arena. These websites will leave a major impression of the company in the mind of a customer. In this regard, a unique and appealing web design plays a pivotal role in the web development process.


Web Designing – What Is It All About?

Web designing is one of the niche skills which are in vogue in the industry. It comprises of basic graphic design, interface design, user experience and search engine optimization. In a generic sense, this skill is understood as the process to design the front end of a website. Web designing doesn’t mean creating attractive, flashy websites only, with an exception to that, the navigable property of a design is an important requirement to a customer. Customers should feel comfortable when they visit a website, where the website should act as a tool to bring business to the company. These websites should help the companies realize their true business potential.


Web design 101 for beginners


Types Of Web Designs

Website designing is a tedious activity. It is a creative work, where the requirements of the client must be understood thoroughly; like target audience of the website, different pages required for the client, etc. There are different types of web designing processes for meeting client requirements. Some of them require a simple static webpage whereas some require a dynamic webpage. It completely depends on the business requirements.


Responsive Web Design

The latest in trend is responsive web design. It is used to create attractive dynamic web pages, where they have lot of features. The additional feature of these web designs are they fit into screen size, whether you open the website in a mobile, tablet or a personal desktop. Most of the clients prefer the responsive web design as most of the customers are using different electronic devices.


Security and Protection

A decent web design should incorporate security features and protection should be designed to prevent it from any malware attacks. These factors must be kept in mind when the designing is done as the changes cannot be made once the final design is done.


Style of Webpage

Web design should be interactive with the users. When they are surfing the website they should not feel as if they have lost the way inside it. The type of colors used should be neutral and pleasing to eyes. Mostly templates should be avoided in the process of choosing a style of a page, it’s better to incorporate a customized web design. Currently, there is a lot of experimentation on the different web page styles. An example is Bubblegum Casting which is an agency knows for chiseling some of the best models in the fashion industry. This type design was not common before 2010.

Type of fonts which are used in a web design play a major role. As they should be easy to read, legible and understand to the end user. Some designers use fonts which are peculiar, and they are not present in normal operating system. It should be avoided, use default fonts as it helps customers to view the website in any type of operating system.

Thus, web designing is a job that requires a lot of precision and experience and can only be handled by true professionals.

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