Five Excellent Web Based Tools for Testing Your Site on Mobile Devices

As in recent times, the Sales of SmartPhone and Tablet Market increased. It seems like everyone have its own Smart Phones. Now, people are moving towards on these mobile deveices and accessing internet. So developers need to take attention as serious for developing compatibility websites for these smart phones. It is hard for developers to purchase smart phones. Thankfully there are tools out there to make our lives a little bit easier. So here are 5 useful tools for mobile website testing.


The mobiReady testing tool evaluates mobile-readiness using industry best practices & standards. The free report provides both a score (from 1 to 5) and in-depth analysis of pages to determine how well your site performs on a mobile device. Its gives summary of your desire URL and gives rating how it display on mobile phone.


iBBDemo2 is developed on Adobe Air Application. This online Tool gives developers to test emulating the iPad and iPhone web browsing experience. It can give you demo presentations as Web. It Support all kind of Operating System. You easily test on cross platform without have MAC OS.


Want to see your website how it looks like on the iPad? You can load your website on iPad Peek, a new web-based emulator that shows you how any site renders on the new Apple device. iPad Peek has a few limitations. There’s no touch scrolling, ads produce pop-ups, and embedded Flash videos and objects will still render inside the emulator even though the real iPad doesn’t do Flash.


iPhoney is an excellent iPhone tester that allows developers to create 320x480px websites for use on the iPhone. It gives a perfect Apple-Safari-powered environment where you can do things like Landscape modes, fullscreen, zoom and plugins.

Adobe Device Central CS5

As a Recently updated version of Adobe Device Central CS5 emulates the operation of mobile devices on your desktop allowing you to test HTML and Flash from the comfort of your desktop.

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