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Recently, I came across an interesting website, and I fell in love with its products. This company has been working on developing, selling and supporting interactive maps for almost three years now.  Their products make visualizing location data and improving website navigation with clickable maps a lot easier. Here’s a rundown of some of the features that make this software so useful:



I have installed a lot of software and honestly, installation has never been this easy.  You simply upload a couple files to your website and paste a couple lines of code into your webpage. I was able to install and use the product in no time because step-by-step documentation is available for users’ convenience.

Easy To Use is very easy to use and users’ can edit maps according to their own preferences. The best part is that editing maps and customizing them has never been so easy. I was able to do it via simple text file and I did not have to be a guru with Flash, HTML5 or JavaScript world map.

Mobile Compatibility

The maps look great on mobile devices as well. Maps are compatible with both Android and iPhone devices. You do not have to tell the map that the webpage is being viewed by a mobile device because the maps detect mobile devices and adjust accordingly.

Latitude and Longitude Markers

One of the customizable options in the maps is the ability to add latitude and longitude location markers. This is a great way to show places you have visited, or to display locations where your business has offices. Since these are entered using latitude and longitude there is no fiddling necessary to try to manually get the geography right.

States acting as links

In theUnited Statesmap, states act as links and are clickable. While viewing the map, all you need to do is click on the map in order to visit a particular URL. This map can be easily used to make changes in your website’s interface.

Customize Maps


Everything incorporated in the maps can be customized as per your own choices. For example, in theUnited Statesmap, you can change the color of every state. This can be used to highlight states of importance. You can also change the descriptions of states that appear when you hover over them. Similarly, the links, locations, regions and background colors can be customized as well.

Continent-Based Zooming

I personally find this option really interesting because content-based zooming is very instinctive and looks really polished.  You can even change the composition of continents (should Greenland be part of North America orEurope?) using a tool available upon request.

Supports all browsers

I have used the map on a number of browsers and it supports all of them. Since Flash is not required, it works really well on all mobile devices too. The best part is that if you are not using a modern browser, it will automatically degrade itself to adjust with your browser. In particular, it uses VML to support versions of Internet Explorer prior to IE9.

Money Back Guarantee

This shows the confidence and faith of in their maps. They offer a 30-day money back guarantee so if you are not satisfied, you can always get a refund.

Site offers currently offers interactive HTML5 world map of the United States, the world, andCanada.  It also offers interactive Flash maps of theUnited States, the world,Canada, Congress, andEurope.  More maps are added on an ongoing basis.

Customer Support

You will instantly get a reply from customer support in case of any queries and issues you have.

Free Trial

You can simply download the free trial and see how it works. After downloading the trial, extract the files and open up test.html to see what the maps look like.  Then, you edit mapdata.js in a text editor and that will allow you to change almost anything on the map.


If you are still reluctant about the product, you can read ‘Customer Comments’ on and you will find plenty of satisfied customers.


You should try the free trial to see if this map could improve your website. It is definitely worth checking this out.

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