28 Free flat design kit download for 2013

Here are 28 flat design kit that you can download for free. Thanks to all the designers who contributed freely to Dribbble.com, we can benefit from their work by building on what they have given us.  Of course, being free, these might not be the best flat design kit in the sense that they have everything we want. If you want a more commercial grade flat design kit, I am afraid you just have to spend some money to purchase one.  Having said that, if you want something for personal work or just to practice designing some flat UI, these set of free downloadable flat design kit should be sufficient.


#1:  Flat UI Kit by Riki Tanone

free flat design kit

Riki has created these flat UI design widgets as practices for designing such UI. She has mentioned that these were done in 10 to 15 minutes so there might be some issue with legibility.


#2: Flat UI Kit 2 by Riki Tanone

free flat design kit 2

This is the second flat UI kit done by Riki. The style is a bit different from her first set but it is still equally gorgeous. Check this out at her dribbble account.


#3: Free PSD&HTML (Twitter Bootstrap) by Designmodo

free flat design kit 4

This free flat ui kit is created by Designmodo, which also offers a premium version of the product.  I have covered their product in my review on the best flay ui kit. Basically, they are a solid company offering a solid product.


#4: Flat / UI Kit by Sebastiaan Scheer

free flat design kit 5

Another practice set done by a talented designer.  The colors are great and the designs will work on many different types of sites.


#5 : Simplistic UI Kit by Tanveer Junayed

free flat design kit 3

This is a more simplistic flat UI design kit.  If you want something clean and simple without too much clutter, his flat ui kit should work well with you.

#6: Flat UI Kit (Free PSD) by Devin Schulz

free flat design kit 6

Contributed by Devin, this is a great set of free flat UI kit. It contains basically everything you need from headers, buttons, menus etc. Worth downloading.


#7: Freebie PSD by Ryan Bales

free flat design kit 7

A very beautiful set of free flat ui kit. This comes from the designer who has worked on various flat ui projects and decided to put everything into one kit.


#8: UI Kit by Jamie Syke

free flat design kit 8

An assortment of flat UI designs by a young designer. The set might not be as uniform as the rest but each individual design element works well and looks good.


#9: Audio Ui Kit Rebound by George Leonardo

free flat design kit 9

This is a rather unique set of audio flat ui design kit. The concept was based on tron, the popular movie about a virtual world. If you liked such design, this set is for you.


#10: Flat UI by Zeki Ghulam (Flat & Filthy)

free flat design kit 10

The name says it all. This flat UI kit is all about a bit of filthy look, mixed in with a clean set of flat interfaces and icons.  If you want something that has a dirty look, download this psd set.


#11: Flatlyfe UI Kit by Dylan Opet

free flat design kit 11

Dylan has released a demo version of his commercial flat ui kit. Even in this free demo version, you do get quite a bit of nice psd files to play with.


#12: PSD iOS7 UI Kit by B3rto

free flat design kit 12

For those who are working on iOS7, this flat UI kit from B3rto will be what you will needing. Do follow him on Dribbble as I believe he will be adding more to this set over time.


#13: Flat dashboard UI kit PSD by Prowebdesignro

free flat design kit 13

A nice implementation of flat UI design for a dashboard environment such as Analytics. The actual download link is off site so do take note of it if you want to down this psd file.


#14: Warm UI Kit PSD by Yurasova Natalia

free flat design kit 14

The designer a rather unique flat UI kit set. The style is a mix of retro + non realistic look. If you like something that is not the usual minimalist look, try this set.


#15: iOS 7 Flat UI Kit by Christoph Gromer

free flat design kit 15

Another flat UI kit for iOS 7. This set uses a more transparent look. Worth downloading if you are an app UI designer.


#16: Ecommerce Flat UI Kit by GraphicsFuel

free flat design kit 16

For those who want to design a flat UI for your ecommerce website, this ecommerce flay UI kit will be very useful.  From shopping cart to product browsing, the kit has almost everything you need.


#17: Ui Kit by Abhimanyu Rana

free flat design kit 17

A very practical and comprehensive metro UI kit that you can download for free. Remember to show your appreciation by liking this guy’s work on Dribbble.


#18: Metro UI kit by Max Denisov

free flat design kit 18

A simple and nice set of flat UI kit. Nothing fancy but everything is solid and useable.


#19: Flat UI kit by blazrobar

free flat design kit 19

A very nice and comprehensive kit. However, you need to create a free account if you want to download it for free. Worth the trouble to do it though.


#20: Flat UI design by Monkee Boy

free flat design kit 20

This is a dark theme flat UI design contributed by Monkee Boy. A nice set of colorful flat icons and interfaces that one can easily use or re-purpose.


#21: UI set by Andrew Beck

free flat design kit 21

A complete set of flat UI kit ranging from basic stuff such as buttons and headers to more complex UI such as news, events, messaging, videos etc.


#22:  Blue flat UI kit by graphicburger

free flat design kit 22

Liked blue color? Then you will love this blue colored themed flat UI kit.


#23: Metro style flat UI kit by egrappler

free flat design kit 23

A very recent release by egrappler. This metro style flat UI kit was only introduced in July 2013 so it is pretty new. However, the coverage of the different elements is good.


#24: Hipster flat UI kit by blazrober

free flat design kit 24

This is an interesting set. Although the general look is still towards the metro style UI, there is some 3D beveled edge, thus making it not totally flat.


#25: Dark blue flat UI kit by graphicburger

free flat design kit 25

Here is another blue themed metro styled UI kit. This time, the blue is darker but the overall set still looks absolutely gorgeous.  Well done, graphicburger!


#26: Flat UI Kit – Free Download by Mark Peck

free flat design kit 26

I love the color tone and the overall look of this set of flat UI kit. The color scheme is really very nice and something that I would like to see being apply for the entire site.


#27: Dark UI Kit by Hüseyin Yilmaz

free flat design kit 27

Another dark metro UI kit. The theme is less darker than #20 above as it uses more grey than black. Look great on a transparent background theme.


#28: Flat user interface kit by Eerste

free flat design kit 28

This is an outstanding flat user interface kit. It contains a wide range of elements including social media profile, horizontal menu, comment form, pricing table, video player, calendar, newsletter subscribe etc.


Hope you find this collection useful in designing your own flat UI.

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