Marketing strategies that can improve your consumers’ digital experience

It’s not always easy to find marketing strategies that can double for increasing brand awareness and improve your consumers’ digital experience. But if you want to be competitive, despite the larger companies having a wealth of research, data, and UX planning, there are some surprisingly simple things you can do to set yourself apart from the competition and make a name among potential customers.

Shorten Your URL

Use the best custom URL shortener to deal with messy URLs. If links are long and wordy, they can interfere with the success of your SEO strategy. While URLs help describe the content, they can be lengthy and are not easily shared on emails, web pages, and social media platforms like your Instagram and Facebook accounts’ Using a shortener makes the links more manageable to share.

Using shortened URLs and tools associated with URL shorteners also allow you to track and compile data. Live click data, geographic location, and the webpage the link was clicked on can provide invaluable to webmasters and companies because it lets you know where your customers are coming from, when they are engaging, and what interests them. Not only can they provide useful features, but URL shorteners, in their own way, work as aggregates of information. This could amount to some innovative social media services that display rank domains and popular links. They can act as a filter or aggregate social media content. This can lead to some useful mashups and innovations regarding how people share, consume, and produce content.


Up The Social Media Aesthetic

Give your customers social media they can be proud of. As a marketing strategy, it’s important to remember that you are the steward of your company’s social media capital, so be certain that you are consistently updating your Instagram with engaging pictures and sharing interesting and relevant content on your Facebook. Your social media accounts are not just about you, but your customers as well. Their experiences, positive or negative, influence how they perceive you, your brand, and even your product.

Keep your social media platform aesthetic consistent. Design a plan for both consistency and execution. Your style of photography, the filters you apply, even the method of delivery should produce a similar look or style that says it’s YOU. The goal is to make your traffic as organic as possible, leading to more authentic metrics of how well you’re performing across social media platforms.


Remember Mobility

70 percent of our digital media time is now spent on mobile, so you don’t want to ignore this fact when planning for your consumers’ digital experience. Having a great mobile experience goes beyond being responsive. It also means offering an intuitive experience that doesn’t create frustration for your consumers and moves them toward your end goals. In opening your website on mobile, ask yourself what type of experience do you see, as well as what you think someone might click on first. Every piece of your mobile site should be directed towards an action that eventually leads to your end goal of them signing up or making a purchase.


Customer Service Is Crucial

You can’t go wrong with excellent customer service. One of the most important aspects of the exceptional digital experience is being able to offer amazing customer service as often and as consistently as you can. Not only does this mean seeking resolutions for customer service complaints, but planning to avoid issues in the beginning. Part of your marketing strategy should be to develop a general guideline of how to handle your customer service from every angle. From creating a general protocol for customer service complaints to developing a means for them to share positive reviews, it’s wise to have a general knowledge base of and for your customers.

Give them the resources they need to solve problems on their own, as well as providing them with the information they need if they can’t figure it out on their own. Keep track of what the most common complaints are (including where specific pain points lie) to further help the development team with whatever aspect of the product that needs to be improved, resolved, or modified.  Finally, as customer service is always the secret weapon to every great team, make sure that no matter, you and your team are willing to drop everything at any time to ensure that what’s needed is done right.

What are some strategies that you’ve implemented to design a better digital experience for your customers? Feel free to share below.

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