5 CSS animation tools that you can’t live without

We’ve created this article to present you with 5 css animations resources that you should bookmarked. Whether you work alone or as part of a team, this impressive list of animation tools and resources will become invaluable to your workflow.

Also, we’ve put together this list to suit all levels of coders, from the seasoned ones to the absolute beginner. A designer needs to start somewhere, right? We realise that not much is published on such tools over the search engines, which is why we’re glad to help you out here.

Begin by reading this list and checking out the one that most draws your attention;


#1 Animate.css

best CSS animation tool 1

Animate.css, by Daniel Eden, is really useful and easy to use. Here, you’re presented with a drop down list of different types of simple animations to choose from. Once you find your desired animation, you simply download the css file for it.

Wow.js is also good if you are going to need these on scroll.

In addition, if you happen to be a Sass user, then head over to https://github.com/tgdev/animate-sass to access it. Here you’ll find a diced up copy of animate.css and you can simply discard what you don’t need.


#2: Easings.net

best CSS animation tool 2
Curves can be created easily at Easings.net, where you’ll come to learn about the parameters used by choosing the correct function. It really helps you to understand life -like movements, like bounces, and how to to get its visually appealing effect. It is open source and you can translate the curves into most coding languages.


#3: Keynote

best CSS animation tool 3

You should add Keynote to your arsenal of UX tools, as it’s invaluable for helping you prototype your animations in a cost effective and meaningful way. We’re talking about setting up high level UI concepts without having to use photo editing tools, such as Adobe Photoshop. This is great as you don’t need to learn a different language to get this going. However, it doesn’t allow css exports yet. You can create your prototype from your very own screen or use the templates from Keynotopia. It’s easy to use; you’ll have to try it!


#4: Ceaser

best CSS animation tool 4
Ceaser is another tool you can use to create smoother and custom curves with ease. The great thing is that you can choose the most suitable easing type to go with your animation. The downside is that it doesn’t allow you to link different animations together and create a time line for these. For this, you’ll need to use bounce.js. Nevertheless, it’s still a useful tool to try out.


#5: Tumult’s Hype 

best CSS animation tool 5

Tumult’s Hype is a great all round, polished animation creation platform.

You can see examples from their gallery here http://tumult.com/hype/gallery on what you can achieve. It’s great for beginners, as you don’t even need to know any code to create animations. Coding is in JS, but can be edited after creating an animation. Tumult is designed to work on iPads, desktops and smartphones. It’s really worth a look; we’re very impressed with this!

As a bonus, Tumult also doubles up as an intuitive web design platform, with simple drag and drop functions to create attractive looking pages.

There’s no excuse now to not get started in your animation project!

We hope you have fun exploring the above mentioned resources and gain further experience and recognition in your career by doing so.

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