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The Internet is all we have nowadays, if there isn’t internet at home or office then there’s no use for existence, right? In the age of technological advancements, speed has gradually—yet steadily—turned from being a luxury into a necessity. We no longer expect to wait, and people are not expecting us to do so either. Patience is becoming an antiquated notion, a lost and forgotten trait, and if the services we buy are not snappy and quick, we quickly snap. It is no different with websites. The longer a website takes to load, the more eager we become to just close it and move on. For many individuals and businesses alike, this is an issue—a troublesome one to say the least.

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For this reason, looking to have your website go from slow to fast, to screaming-fast has become a pressing matter that deserves our undivided and absolute attention. Well, here are a few tips on how you can achieve that.


1. Adaptive Images


These days, most people expect your page to load in two seconds, and if you can go lower, all the better. However, images can sometimes hinder that, and let these rather optimistic people down. While removing these images is very much viable, you would be forfeiting the aesthetic qualities they bring. Luckily, there’s a way to have your page load faster. By employing tools such as Adaptive Images, you will be saving bandwidth and improving the speed of your website. Another thing you can do is change the formats of these images, which may help reduce the weight drastically while preserving the quality.

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2. Cache


We are all familiar with the term, though perhaps unaware of its function and use. Well, long story short, they are a collection of items stored away in a hidden area, kept for future use. The way they can improve loading speeds is by having the caching store cache static resources. This will reduce the lag servers may sometimes endure, and have the browser save numerous requests to your server, which ultimately makes things go faster.


3. AMP


Commonly known as AMP, Accelerated Mobile Pages are an open-source framework designed to have users experience a faster loading speed when using their mobile devices. AMP was developed by Google, who collaborated with Twitter to bring this technology to the world. It will help make your website load faster, not just for your SEO, but for your website’s conversion. The AMP wizards at AMPWPTools explain that with the help of these top choices, you can benefit from a 20% increase in conversion rates and a 10% increase in site traffic. This can lead to a 60% increase in page views per visit, which is phenomenal.


4. Plugins


Your plugins play an important role in having things go faster, and that’s why you should evaluate your plugins. They are capable of bringing new features to your web page, though a lot of plugins can add to the weight of a website, thus making it load slower. This mostly happens with outdated and old plugins.


5. Compress


Less is more, and for your website, compressing your content will have it load faster, and the difference can be quite dramatic. You can use one of the compressing services online to achieve this. What the service will do is remove any unnecessary spaces and characters, which may be found in places like your HTML or CSS code. Having done that, you will find that your website is loading faster with minimal effort.


6. Host


Hosts can sometimes not be up to par—to be honest, they can be somewhat terrible. So, one thing you may want to consider when you are looking to have your web page reach screaming-fast speeds is your hosting package. You will find that some packages have a few dozens—if not more—websites stacked up close to one another, sharing the same server. This will greatly impact the speed of your website, and so, if you want a screaming-fast website, you should consider changing hosts. Perhaps moving away from shared hosting to dedicated hosting will do the trick for you.


All in all, pumping up the speed of your website and having it turn into a screaming-fast one is not a task that requires an extensive background in IT. It is very simple, and nothing that cannot be done—all you need is the help of a few online tutorials. Still, with all these preparations and tricks to make your page load faster, you will also want to focus on the conversion rate of your website, as it could lead to an increase in traffic, which is the end goal.

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