35 Beautiful Examples Of Shadow Photography

Shadows add facet and significance to an image. They can highlight emotions, create surreal images, and be used in a variety of ways. Shadows create fascinating photos on their own, and they also are gorgeous when paired with their parent object.

The difference between the picture and its shadow makes an amazing photograph. Do you have a beautiful photo archived away?  How about bringing that photo to life by having Bumblejax do up some acrylic prints, transforming your photo into modern art piece worthy of a gallery!

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We have put together 35 Beautiful Examples Of Shadow Photography that make strong use of shadows in a variety of ways.

Shadows of summer

Shadow games



Winter light and shadow

walking shadow

Shadow bike…

Shadowed land by John Parminter.

Sunset Boulevard


Gallop Through a Shadow

shine & shadow

Tired shadow


Angela Bacon-Kidwell

Urban fragments

Shadows on Night


Moon Shadow Bridge

Star Child

Shadows’ Meeting


Moth Shadow

Self Portrait

Tree and shadow

Shadows on the wall

Dragonfly – shadow

Reflections and Shadows

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  1. Pixntxt says:

    Birdcages in shadow.

  2. The “Time” image reminds me of Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot”.

  3. Stunning images … “Shine & shadow” is one of my favorite. Really a piece of Art. Thanks for sharing. Love to share with friend & family.

  4. This was my first experience with shadow photography…and I LOVE IT! Definitely going to attempt getting a great shadow photo. I will be endlessly proud of myself if I can achieve 10% of what these photographers achieved. Great blog-LOVE IT!

  5. wonderful shadow photography!i simply stumbled upon!and will share with my friends!

  6. Oh I love Walking shadow and Sunset Boulevard! Amazing set of photography of own of my own favourite genres, thanks for sharing!

  7. Eva i Aten says:

    Stunning photographs!

  8. Vinod says:

    incredible collections.

  9. Tyciol says:

    Beautiful stuff. I wonder if pages like these will stick around?

  10. gregdmorgan says:

    how did you do this. very good.

  11. Jeeff says:

    We had a painter in our “Kirpi” magazine in Azerbaijan named Gayyum.
    I thought you’re this person

  12. DTX says:

    Wow.. Amazing stills. Too good. Thanks for the share.

  13. Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

  14. EL says:

    amazing…simply beautiful

  15. Angelo says:

    Very inspiring.

  16. Pradeep says:

    some beautiful pics there!

  17. Jodi White says:

    Some of these are very interesting. I especially like the one with the birds and the trees. Fabulous!

  18. Steve says:

    Evocative of Summer, long afternoon shadows with that golden light, can’t beat it for great shots.

  19. Shawdow Games reminds me of Alaska. I love it

  20. jinhi says:

    good, thank you, but i has a problem to down it, i want to use make my desktop computer

  21. Mike Lawson says:

    Fun stuff!

  22. Peta_de_Aztlan says:

    Shadows are silent witnesses of our whole life experience. Proof of life, proof of existence.

  23. John says:

    Great photos. I like how the title brought the one of the bird in the water to life. “Shark Attack” was perfect!

  24. Fernando says:

    Nice shots, however LOTS of those are not “Shadows” and are in fact “Reflections”