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It is always good to analyze your website’s performance so that you can work on improving it. While I was looking for a tool to analyze the performance of a website, I came across WAPT . It is an excellent tool to test your website’s performance under load and stress. It is not only easy to use but is also very cost effective. You can not only test a website’s performance but it also allows you to test apps, mobile sites and various web portals. Let us take a look at the products offered by WAPT.




This is a regular version of the website and allows the owner to test his website with up to 2,000 concurrent virtual users.

2. WAPT Pro

This is a professional version of the website which allows you control test execution remotely. Not only this, you can use it for various several systems for load generation.


X64 load engine will allow you to create more than 10,000 virtual users per system.


WAPT offers various modules as well for instance, testing, JSON format, Adobe flash testing, Silverlight testing and GWT Testing.

Services offered by WAPT

WAPT also provides some great services and these services can further help you in analyzing your website’s performance a lot better.


1. Configuration Consulting

WAPT provides free of charge recommendations to those web owners who are not much aware of software licenses and hardware configurations. Their guidance will help you in testing your website’s performance.

2. Test Development

They have test specifications that are ready to use for the beginners. Also, you can always consult WAPT team for any sort of confusion.

3. Load testing service

They take the burden off from your shoulders by giving you an option to outsource your website’s performance testing.

How to Download

Downloading the software is not at all a difficult task. The ‘download’ page gives you an option to download WAPT and WAPT pro both. It displays a comparison of both versions and also the complete information is available regarding the requirements of OS. Not only this, hardware configurations and ways to install the software are already mentioned in the website.


For all the services they provide, WAPT is not at all expensive software. WAPT is for $700 and WAPT pro is for $1200.

Apart from this, you can visit the following page to view the prices of extension and modules.

Getting Familiar with the website

You have various ways to understand the tool and ways to use it. Website offers WAPT demo video, PowerPoint presentation and Quick Start Guide. Not only this, online help is available and you can also contact the Support team if you have any queries.

Forum and Blog

The website has its own forum and blog for any sort of relevant discussions. You can also learn more about WAPT by following the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus pages.

The software is totally worth trying and I would strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to test their website’s performance. Remember, you can always outsource it to WAPT.

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