9 sleek menu animation effects

It is now common practice to see some sort of mini animation being triggered to catch the attention of the user. One recent example is the Google+ notifications which adds the notification number whenever you logged into any of the Google web properties. In this article, we will look at some cool animation effects being applied to the menu items. These animation don’t have to be complex but they do make a difference in the user experience.

Sit back and enjoy these menu animations.


#1: Menu animation by Javi Pérez

menu animation effects 1

Some interesting menu animation effects that includes conversation, hello, adding user etc. Simple but elegant designs. I am sure you can draw some inspiration from some of these effects


#2: Menu test footage by Ivan Leshchenia

menu animation effects 2

Here is a cool animation that expands the menu with the click of a button. It looks very impressive at the beginning but I wonder if it will get irradiating after a couple of clicks.


#3:  Open & Close by Creativedash

menu animation effects 3

As the name implies, this menu animation is for the opening and closing of services or actions. The animation is pretty slick and does the job well.


#4: Menu by Mohamed Kerroudj

menu animation effects 4

A nice expanding type of animation. It will be useful for collapsing or expanding a menu.


#5: Menu icon animation by Drew Ellis

menu animation effects 5

A more drastic animation style but it still works. It is pretty unique if you compare with the rest of the menu animation effects.


#6: Menu open & back by Tamino Martinius

menu animation effects 6

Another interesting way to animation your menus. This particular effect has a more action driven vibe to it, which might explain why it is quite attention grabbing.


#7: Hamburger Menu Hover Animation by Wojtek Witkowski

menu animation effects 7

A nice hover over effect that is subtle but attention catching. Done in html, CSS and JS.


#8: Add & Remove by Toxinboy

menu animation effects 8

This add and remove menu animation is slick as hell. I would love to know how he created this effect. Done is After Effects.


#9: Action Button by Andreas Storm

menu animation effects 9

A nice action button animation effect.

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