40 High Quality Free Wood Textures

In designing, textures play a very important role as they can help you add life and a certain feel to your designs. They can enhance the quality of your design and make it look more eye-catching. Many different types of textures are present out there and one of the most famous ones is wood texture. Wood textures can be used in various types of web designs. The reason of its popularity is the fact that since a very long time, wood has been used as a construction material. But with the advent of production and use of concrete and steel, the use of wood somewhat became less.

Thus, wood gives a look of oldness in web design. You can see the use of wood in all the places such as museums, churches or other such buildings to impart a feel of originality and antiquity. Even its smell has a very soothing effect. This feel cannot be given off by steel or any other material.

So now we know the importance and effect of wood in designs, both in buildings or web design. A plethora of wood textures of every kind are present out there, but finding the good ones is a tough task. So in order to help you out, today we have a great collection of amazing high quality wood textures which can be used in any type of designing work.  We hope that all the designers out there would find this collection useful.  Check them out and pick the ones that you like!

Texture: Wood Panel 2

27-Wood Panel 2

Texture: Wood Panel 1

28-Wood Panel 1

free texture – wood


Wood grain texture


free high res texture 424 


free high restexture 423

32-free high restexture

Texture 36: Desk


Wood texture I


Cedar Wood Grain

35-Cedar Wood Grain

Cedar Wood Grain

35-Red Mahogany Wood Texture

Wood Texture

36-Wood Texture

Corkboard Wood Cork Composite

37-Corkboard Wood Cork Composite

Wood Texture

38-Wood Texture

Wood fence panels

39-Wood fence panels

Seamless Wood Pattern

40-Seamless Wood Pattern 01

Dark Wood Texture Pack

1-Dark Wood Texture Pack

Grey Wood

2-Grey Wood

45 Wood Textures

All jpeg images, 1280×960 resolution, 7.0MB.

3-Wood Textures

Wood 01 Patterns

Wood Types included: African Ebony, Black Cherry, Cedar, Dark Mahony, Mahony, Maple, Rosewood, Sycamore, White Ash, Zebrawood, Oak, and more

4-Wood 01 Patterns

Wood Textures

5-Wood Textures

Wood Texture

6-Wood Texture

Wood Uncut

7-Wood Uncut

Wood Textures

8-Wood Textures

Wood texture

Wood texture with overly large nails in the bottom.

9-Wood texture

Wood Texture

10-Wood Texture

Wood Texture

Its another High resolution wood texture in resolution of 2832×2128.

11-Wood Texture

Wood Texture

12-Wood Texture

Wood Texture 2

13-Wood Texture 2

Wood Floors

14-Wood Floors

Wood CSS Pack

15-Wood CSS Pack





Wood & Rays

Resolution 2816 x 2112, JPG format.

18-Wood & Rays

Valle old wood texture 

3456×2334 resolution valle old wood texture.

19-Valle old wood texture

Tileable Wood Texture

20-Tileable Wood Texture

Old wood texture pack

3 wood textures set. All in 1800×2400.

21-Old wood texture pack

Wood Breaker

22-Wood Breaker

Three by One

23-Three by One

Dark Wood

Comes in resolution of 2560×1600, 1920×1200, 1280×800, 1440×900, 1152×864, 1920×1200

24-Dark Wood

Wood Floor

25-Wood Floor

Wood Texture Wallpaper

26-Wood Texture Wallpaper

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