4 Ways Design Bundles Can Help Boost Your Sales With SVGs

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) didn’t start as a popular tool, not until around 2017. Once web browsers realized that they were sitting on a graphics gold mine, many have begun making expressive use of SVGs. Craft businesses can make a fortune by creating design bundles for SVG files.



PNGs and JPGs format have been preferred for the longest time, but in a programmer’s world, SVGs meet more development demands. The design is an extensible markup language that uses HTML tags for different creative environments. If you are in a craft business, there are many reasons why you should consider embracing SVGs as a significant part of your creative undertaking. Better so, incorporate them into design bundles to improve sales.


Here are four ways that design bundles can help boost sales with SVGs


Design Bundles Help You Sell More Faster

Firstly, one of the main reasons creatives are now opting for design bundles instead of single file sales is that they get to offer more at fair prices. The truth is, every buyer is looking to save an extra cent with every purchase. On the other hand, every seller wants to make the most profits from the same transaction. The only way to strike a balance here is by looking for a line that weighs the two to give a win-win situation.

Remember, every buyer seeks to get the most value out of every purchase, so what better way to offer this than creating a design bundle with several SVG files. With one download, a buyer can get more than a different SVG file from various pages on your site. This brings up the convenience card, and who in this era doesn’t love the idea of getting what they want faster.

With a single SVG design bundle, you sell more in one pack. This, in itself, is a perfect tagline when marketing your design bundles. The idea is to get buyers to see that they will not have to think about looking for another file with the same design by downloading one bundle. It also gives them a variety of options, which makes it easy to reuse one bundle severally.


You Get to Arrange Several Unique SVG Files in One Bundle and Price them Accordingly

One of the most significant problems creatives have is deciding the best way to value what they sell. This is an industry where products are often unique, and so one has to be quite creative in how they price their products. Design bundles have a way of helping you with this struggle since you are selling a lot of creative files as one product.

This way of ordering your business will bring out a unique appeal to your sales, thus helping you sell more. A great example is when you are trying to sell SVG files for corporate sites. You can easily bundle up ten files in one folder and sell them at a lower price than the average yet still profitable to you. The buyer then gets the advantage of ten individual files to satisfy their creativity as you get the option of pricing your files according to how you see fit. All creativity and pricing control is entirely in your hands.


SVG Design Bundles for Crafts are Easier to Market

Marketing is a vital part of any business. However, how best can one market SVG designs without really selling out their uniqueness? Design bundles are the answer. It is one thing to try and share a link to your SVG files every once in a while and a whole other case when trying to make a business out of your creativity. You need to think professionally, have a branding side to the venture, and a creative way to attract potential customers.

Thankfully, several design bundles SVG sites help you creatively design your bundles, so they are easy to sell and share with your customers. You can use creative names for each bundle, have mockups to show how the designs will look once utilized, and even have boards to share them on social media. There are so many ways to make the marketing part work for your business once you embrace SVG design bundles.


Design Bundles are Easy for Everyone

You do not want to make it hard for potential customers to reach you or even utilize your creativity. You need to flow with the customers’ needs and still get your cut. Design bundles make selling creativity much easier. You can create as many design bundles as you wish and even sell in and out of season. You only need to learn how to organize them to keep them looking neat, so a buyer knows what to pick.

Also, design bundles for SVGs are easily customizable. This allows you to have several categories for diverse clients. They make it easy to have an organized shop and launch a craft business even if you are doing it from scratch.

Here’s a quick secret; you can easily duplicate a few creativities in different bundles for different seasons and still make a massive fortune. Better so, go seasonal with marketing since everyone is looking to honour a particular holiday these days. In short, there are so many ways that you can create and sell design bundles and let your customers have an easy time looking for what they need.


To Wrap it Up

SVGs are on-demand in every industry since more people are looking to have quality websites with excellent graphics to express their core values. The best thing about it all is that SVGs are easy to create, yet they can make sales for several years afterward. The only trick is reaching possible customers and keep them coming back. Design bundles have a massive way of helping you with that. If you have not tried using SVG bundle design websites for crafts, hopefully, the four tips above will help you see why you should start utilizing them today.


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