30 Hand-Picked Surreal Artwork Photoshop Tutorials

Art is a thing that attracts almost every individual. Today we would like to share with you two different but very interesting mediums of art which are called as Surreal and Dark Art. It is different in terms of Photoshop tutorials. All of these tutorials are useful and will definitely give you the chance to improve your Photoshop skills. These are Fresh Surreal Artwork Photoshop Tutorials.

Hand-Picked Surreal Artwork Photoshop Tutorials

Create a Trunk Dropping on a Wonderland

In this Tutorial, you can learn fantastic scenery that creates using Photoshop.This graphics is initiate with a nice wonderland, then key in trunks and buildings etc. to form such a nice piece of artwork.

Surreal Artwork-6

Create an Imaginative Tree Man

Lots of movies or fiction would turn the dead object or plant to live like human being. This is always a key to turn a normal fiction or movie to be successful. Here this tutorial will show you a common idea of combining a human with a tree to be a tree man.

Surreal Artwork-1

Design a Super Imaginative Scenery in Dessert

In This Tutorial you will learn To design such an imaginative scenery, the most important element is your imagination. Using few of pictures plus little design skills, then you can create a fantastic scene like this

Surreal Artwork-2

Create an Interesting Flower Growing Scenery

Somehow of you are a flower lover, In this Tutorial, you can create flower related arts. One way to do that is to make an interesting flower growing in a special object such as light bulbs.

Surreal Artwork-3

Photo Manipulation – Surreal Bubbles

In this tutorial You will show you a technique how to create surreal bubbles & items and realistic reflections on the water. I have used this technique in quite some work. You can see this technique on the image below.

Surreal Artwork-4

Using Ink Effect to Form a Fantastic Painting

This tutorial will show you how to transform a picture into a nice ink painting.

Surreal Artwork-5

Create an Amazing Abstract Heart Surreal Photoshop Tutorial

In this surreal Photoshop tutorial, you’ll learn the entire workflow from start to finish of creating an incredible surreal abstract artwork.

Surreal Artwork-7

Desktopography Inspired Wallpaper

In this tutorial, the creation of an incredible surreal nature desktop wallpaper.  Jam packed with information, this Photoshop tutorial will teach you various stock image manipulation skills, how to transform and liquefy for good effects, paint reflections and shadows, and create an awesome finished result.

Surreal Artwork-8

Create an Unbelievable Surreal Abstract Artwork with Photoshop

In this Surreal Photoshop tutorial, you’ll see how to create an incredible surreal abstract artwork with stylistic influences from traditional artistic masters combined with modern, digital and 3D techniques.

Surreal Artwork-9

Create an Incredible Story Coming Alive Fantasy Photomanipulation

In this fantasy photomanipulation tutorial, you’ll learn how to start with just a few stock images and quickly build up an incredible story-based artwork.

Surreal Artwork-10

Create an Intricate Mythological Statue Photomanipulation Photoshop Tutorial

In this Photoshop photomanipulation tutorial, you’ll learn how to take a stock image of a person, turn them into a statue using various texture mapping methods, and then how to superimpose this statue into an incredible scene.

Surreal Artwork-11

Combine Photo Elements to Create a Surreal Photo Manipulation
In his Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to use a variety of color, lighting, and the cut-and-paste techniques to create a surreal photo manipulation.

Surreal Artwork-12

Create a Fantasy Illustration in Photoshop
In this tutorial, the artist shows you how to create a fantasy montage in Photoshop using some stock images and brushes.This tutorial is simple but the final image looks amazing:

Surreal Artwork-13

How to Create a Fantasy Landscape Photo Manipulation
In this tutorial, you can learn how to create a fantasy landscape using some simple and easy techniques.

Surreal Artwork-14

Design an Awesome Fantasy Floating Mountain Scene in Photoshop
In this tutorial, the artist explains the process completed to create this really cool, fantasy style floating mountain scene in Photoshop.

Surreal Artwork-15

Create an Old Fantasy Space City
This tutorial will explain how to make an old space city from a single source image in Photoshop:

Surreal Artwork-16

Design a Black and White, Dreamy Style Surreal Artwork in Photoshop
In this tutorial, the artist shows you the steps to take to create this black and white, dreamy style sureal artwork in Photoshop. Have a try:

Surreal Artwork-17

Making a Book of Magical Playground Scene

This tutorial will show how to create a fantasy book scene. We will be using various advanced Photoshop techniques to make the composition as realistic as possible.

Surreal Artwork-18

Create a Fantasy Scene with Death
In this tutorial the artist explains how he made this masterpiece and what decisions he made before and during making the image. Step-by-step images are provided to illustrate the techniques.Check it out:

Surreal Artwork-19

Create a Fantasy Scene with a Sorceress and Tree Monster

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to transform a normal photo of a woman walking in the park into a fantasy image of a sorceress facing a tree monster. Some basic Photoshop knowledge is required to follow this tutorial:

Surreal Artwork-20

How to Create a Fantasy Flower Creature
In this fantasy tutorial, we are going to create a cool flower creature with Photoshop CS3 to CS5. And this is exactly how to do it:

Surreal Artwork-21

Floating Island

In this tutorial the artist illustrates how simple it is to make a floating island! It is amazing for photoshop learner.

Surreal Artwork-22
How to Make a Surreal Photo Manipulation

In This Tutorial, you can learn Water is a force that is hard to control, almost impossible.

Surreal Artwork-23
Make a Surrealistic Room Photo Manipulation

In This Tutorial, you can Design a cool black-and-white composition with the help of this nice tutorial.

Surreal Artwork-24
Creating a Touching Story Scene in Photoshop

This is a Dreamy Fantasy Artwork in Photoshop. It’s hard to make your pictures with a little feeling in them.

Surreal Artwork-25
Create an Outstanding Frame Horse Scene

Take a thing beyond the usual “box”, learning at the same time some handy secrets together with this tutorial.

Surreal Artwork-26
The Creation of a Life of Aquatic Sounds

In This Tutorial, You can Create a beautiful and unusual photo that will discover something new in the old and well-known.

Surreal Artwork-27
Create an Intenst Apocalyptic Photo Manipulation

You’ll learn how to blend elements such as water and moon, create seamless structures with the Clone Stamp tool, and finish it off with a cold movie photo effect.

Surreal Artwork-28
Surreal 3D Outdoor Room Scene in Photoshop

Here you will learn about the usage of 3D style in Photoshop and some tricks to use it in your usual creations.

Surreal Artwork-29
How to Make a Dark and Mysterious Tv Head Scene

In this Photoshop tutorial, you will be showing you how to make a dark and mysterious scene with the subject having a TV for a head

Surreal Artwork-30

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