25 Fresh Matte Painting Tutorials

Matte Painting is another technique for Adobe Photoshop learner. These techniques include the lighting effects, illumination, composition rules and matte painting, manipulate photo footage.

A Matte Painting is a Art for filmmakers to create the illusion of environment and make distant location for build landscape location. In a digital environment, matte paintings can also be done in a 3-D environment, allowing for 3-D camera movements.

Here are 25 Fresh Matte Painting Tutorials in Photoshop. you will get good idea for Matte Painting as well.

Basic Destruction Techniques
Basic Destruction Techniques will teach you how to created a flooded city and destroy buildings and structures. This tutorial will focus on the destruction of New York, which seems to be a favorite amongst filmmakers

Create a Post-Apocalyptic Matte Painting

In this tutorial You will learn demonstrate how to create a post-apocalyptic matte painting of an old cathedral.

How to Create a Period Matte Painting

Period matte paintings are those that need to recreate an environment from the past, whether it be Washington D.C. during the Civil War, or Rome in the Renaissance.

Lava City – Matte painting tutorial

Matte Painting Licht Tutorial

Matte Painting of Pandora

In this tutorial, Stas Lobachev will walk you through his creation of “Pandora Afterdark”, a digital matte painting that received a Golden Award and 2nd place in a pre-release competition hosted by CGTalk.ru

Making of football stadium

In order to practice and improve on certain aspects of painting I often do quick sketches with a specific theme or subject matter. The drawing “Pitch” was one of these ‘test-paintings’;

Renaissance – Matte Painting tutorial

Making of The Votussoloum Matte painting

Matte Painting Bob Ross Style

making of: Futuristic Snow City

Matte Painting tutorial – Making of Tajmahal

Platform Environment

fight scene

Serene Panorama Tutorial

Create an Incredible Avatar Inspired Matte Painting of Pandora

Matte Painting Tutorial

War scene – Matte painting tutorial

Finding unknown Kadath

Matte Painting: Making of Barbarossa

Workflow, Techniques and Walkthrough

Using Lighting, Atmospherics and Digital Illustration Techniques for Matte Painting

Create a Realistic Panoramic Matte Painting in Photoshop

Create A Distressed Surreal Cityscape

Making of By the Sea

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