3 of the best website design trends in 2015

 We always try to be at the cutting edge of web design knowledge. A couple of years ago we put together a post on website design trends. 2014 saw a number of important trends evolve in web design. We saw parallax effects, single page websites, code free design platforms and a lot more. Now we are into 2015 everyone in the industry is a year more experienced and a year wiser. So, what trends and we can see develop and expand in 2015.


Flexible typography

website design trends 2015

For almost the last 10 years the web design community has been discussing the need to get typography right on the web. For some reason we have held onto the notion that there is little difference between typography for printed materials and typography for the web. Those illusions are now being overcome. In 2015 we will see a move away from squeezed and compacted text that is difficult to read on our screens. Readability will improve with type size increasing, column width and line height changes. Research is fairly unanimous that bigger fonts are easier to read on the web. Designers have started to take this to heart already, and will continue to do so as we move through 2015


Responsive web design to continue

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Responsive web design has been a buzz word in the industry for several years. However, it has really just related to smart phones, tablets and laptops. Through 2015 we will see the evolution of the concept to include smart wearable devices and smart TVs. Solutions aren’t going to come about all at once most likely, rather, they are going to evolve throughout the year.

According to Dallas SEO Company Texas SEO, smart web design means that companies needn’t produce multiple forms of site for different devices, and many don’t even need apps these days. The reality is that response web design saves companies money in development because of this.


Amazing graphics and more video

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We have already seen a trend towards images getting bigger and more detailed. Often websites have a full background with a stunning image these days. The limitations that kept this trend at bay have all but been removed by better quality fixed broadband connections and 4G mobile broadband connectivity rolling out everywhere. According to Netindex the average US download speed is now 32 Mbps. 2015 will be a year of experimentation with images. Techniques will become standard to enable color extraction, responsive resizing and size optimisation for website load speed.

Webgraphics are also going to be on the rise. We have a natural ability to take in information through well-presented visual information. Software and sites have improved massively over the last couple of years in this arena, making it possible to develop quality infographics with ease.

Broadband speed improvements is also driving an increase in the amount of video we are seeing online. More companies are tapping into the power of animation as they seek to gain a competitive brand edge. Expect to see traditional blogs give way to video blogs. Expect to even see SMEs starting to develop company movies, case studies and stories through streamed content.

In 2015 we will also see more of the coding of websites relegated into the background as web design software and web design platforms move the design to centre stage. This will mean that more time is spent in conceiving concept and delivering a usable website than in the producing of the website. This can only be a good thing for companies, website visitors and the web in general.


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