10 Best Writing Tips

Someone once said: “Writing is thinking on paper.” And it’s totally right. Writing is an amazing way to express yourself and convey your thoughts to others — and that too, very beautifully. So today we will cover some amazing tips for better writing. These tips will help you write and express yourself in a better way. Check out the tips!

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10. Organize Your Thoughts Before Writing

Organize Your Thoughts Before Writing

You must have heard this tip from many people, and all of them were right. Organizing your thoughts before writing is very important. It helps you collect all the important points and thoughts that you want to convey in your writing beforehand. If you want to get some help from apps for doing this, then Scrivener and yWriter are amazing options. They are specifically aimed at writers, but you can always use other awesome apps like Evernote and OneNote. It doesn’t matter how you organize your thoughts, but the important thing is that you do!

9. Keep a Regular Schedule

Keep a Regular Schedule

Making a rigid schedule for your writing is very important. You should make it and stick to it. Morning is definitely the best time for writing. Remember to break it up into small increments to avoid anxiety. Never write during unscheduled times, but you can always jot down any points that occur to you. Keeping to your schedule will help you motivated by a long chain of successful writing sessions.

8. Take Care of Grammar


Even if you are really good at it, no one is perfect. So always remember to proofread your writing. It is good to have some lighthearted grammar resources or some great word tools. They will not only prove to be helpful in keeping you writing correctly, but you would also learn some new words and idioms to freshen up your writing.

7. Keep a Journal

Keep a Journal

One of the best ways to improve your writing skills is by writing on a separate journal. Write about 750 Words or a page per day. Just write about anything and everything that comes to your mind. This will not only improve your writing but will also let you think thoroughly on subjects that you love thinking about.

6. Use Distraction-Free Writing Tools

Computers obviously provide us a great place for writing, but sometimes writing on a computer can be distracting, with different things popping up on our screen. So the best thing to do is to get some distraction-free writing tools. These are the programs that block out all the other stuff on your screen and give let you write without any distractions. Some awesome tools for this purpose are Ommwriter, Writemonkey, and Creawriter. You can also turn Google Docs and Microsoft Word into distraction-free settings too.

5. Write on Paper For a Change

Write on Paper For a Change

Even if you love writing digitally, pick up your pen and paper for a change. Some good old-fashioned handwriting will improve your writing as it improves your cognitive abilities and stays out of your thinking process. So grab a notebook and your favorite pen and start writing!

4. Learn From Other Good Writers

If you wish to write amazingly then you should read others who write (or have written) amazingly. Keep reading — it will not only help improve your writing skills but is also a great pastime. By reading you will be able to learn the strategies they use to write well and learn awesome new words and idioms too.

3. Remember Your Most Common Mistakes and Avoid Them

Remember Your Most Common Mistakes and Avoid Them

We all have our own specific grammar mistakes, typos, cliches, and misheard expressions that we never leave behind in any piece of writing. Even our best piece of writing is spoiled because of them. So know your mistakes and remember to avoid them. Focus on fixing them once and for all.

2. Defeat Writer’s Block

Writer's block

We all have those terrible moments when we get stuck at one point or another. Writer’s block can be very annoying but you should learn to defeat it. You can always try using some writing toys, or drafting it as an email to get the juices flowing and then show up for your scheduled writing to write more.

1. Remember Why You’re Writing

Remember and keep in mind

Always remember why you are writing. What is the reason for it? Some people write because they make a living out of it and some write to challenge themselves to do something new.  Set your goals and plans. Know why you write and keep yourself motivated.

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  1. Sanchit says:

    Thanks for such articles.I am new comer as a bloger.I am woking according to your writing tips.Keep posting and motivating…

  2. Some practical advice here, though I am unsure what “writing toys” are, and how they combat writers block.
    I do agree that attempting to make serious headway with a writing project outside scheduled writing time doesn’t usually go over very well. Keeping a strict morning schedule ( I agree again with you here!) works well for many of my colleagues and myself.

    Sarah Bauer
    Navigator Multimedia