5 easy tips on how to get local traffic to your website

If you are a small business owner with a website you use for promotional purposes, you’ll want to find ways to target consumers in your community. In today’s global business climate, small local businesses may find themselves competing against large corporations with regional branches. To harness local web traffic, you’ll need to think about how to design your website in such a way that it will stand out to your demographic in the search engines. Although it may seem like a daunting task to compete with the global businesses, by following these tips you can improve your chances of making a mark and generating a higher level of traffic to your small regional website.

how to get local traffic to your website


Research your Local Market

The first step towards any successful search engine optimization strategy is research. You’ll first need to figure out who your local audience is, along with whether you’re sticking to your immediate city or are targeting the wider surrounding region. The city name should appear frequently in your website content. Keyword research can help you find out what local keyword queries are already driving traffic to your site, helping you determine how visitors find you and how this can be improved. As you analyse these search terms, think about whether the phrases describe your business and services. If there are missing services or locations, you can incorporate these into your content as you go forward.


Attend and Reference Local Events

One distinct advantage that smaller businesses have over the major players is that they have access to local community events. You can use these events to create and develop relevant, search-friendly content for your blog or ecommerce site. Attend local events pertaining to your industry, sharing photos and news about the event both before and after. If you sponsor events, you can also use this opportunity to get an inbound link from other local businesses or associations.


Blog about your community

Similar to point 3 above, use your website to talk about interesting stuff happening in your community. Even though you might be selling a particular product, you don’t have to only talk about things that are related to what you are selling. Since you operate on a local level, you might your community to find your website useful. That is will help them to recall your product or service when they need it. In addition, blogging about local happenings is very non competitive, thus making it easier for your website to rank and get more search engine traffic.


Customize your Site with Google Maps

One of the easiest ways to geo-target your website and drive more traffic to it is by incorporating maps into its design. Google maps can easily be customised and embedded into your site, with all of the HTML code provided. For example, a San Diego café could place a map of their location into their web design San Diego to draw in local traffic from the surrounding area. You can further customise the map by incorporating keywords that pertain to your café in the map’s description and surrounding article.


Use Social Media

Finally, an easy way to drive local traffic to your site is by promoting your blog content using social media profiles. On a Facebook business page, you can list your address and reach out to a local client base. Promoting your posts using Twitter or Facebook helps you reach not only your existing network, but can expose your business to an extended network of potential clients in the area. It also helps build trust in your business as a local brand.

By reaching out to a local audience using a combination of keyword integration, social media sharing, and community involvement, you can improve your return on investment and compete with the bigger names in your industry. Thinking local can be a vital part of any content management strategy.

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