Why You Should Do a Website SEO Audit Monthly

SEO audits are incredibly important, whether you’ve had SEO services for years or you’re just getting started. If you’re thinking of getting SEO services or currently have them but have some concerns, you might be wondering how often you should do an SEO audit. Some recommend that you do a website SEO audit as often as once a month. Monthly audits are a great way of tracking your progress and making timely changes.  However, you may not need an extremely extensive audit if you’re monitoring it every month.

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A monthly website audit might seem like a lot, but here are a few great reasons why it’s worth it.


Algorithms Change Quickly

SEO is only effective if you stay on top of it. Algorithms can change quickly and can be easy to miss if you aren’t paying attention. If you let this happen, everything you’ve done could become less effective. Without a monthly audit, there’s a good chance you’re missing out on making adjustments for algorithm changes and letting things slip through the cracks. With how quickly SEO can change, regular audits like these are extremely important.


Update Old Content

A piece of content that was relevant and valuable at one point might not always be. Over time, even your best content can become outdated, which is perfectly normal. However, just because this is bound to happen doesn’t mean you should just let it go. All of your outdated content can be fixed by either updating sections of it or scrapping it altogether if the whole thing is dated. Continuously checking older content ensures that you’re making the most of your content marketing efforts.


Find Broken Links

Like outdated content, you’re eventually going to end up with broken links on your website. If you link to a page on another website, you don’t have any control over what the owner of that website does with it. There could be an issue with a page, or someone may have deleted it. If someone tried to click on one of these broken links, they’ll get an error page, which could lead to a poor user experience. You can watch out for broken links on your website with a monthly audit, as well as monitor who’s linking to your website.


Watch Out for Technical Issues

If any technical SEO problems are holding you back, you want to know about them as soon as possible. Some technical issues might be difficult for you to notice without performing even a small audit of your website. Many technical issues can lead to your website loading slowly, which you don’t want. Not only is loading time a problem, but you also want to know that your website is being crawled and indexed properly. Any concerns with these, or any other technical issues, can be identified with an audit of your website.


Monitor Your Competition

Of course, you always want to know how and what your competition is doing. A monthly audit helps make it easy for you to keep tabs on them. You need to know if your competition is doing well and what’s helping them get higher rankings if they are. If you don’t frequently check in on your competition, you won’t know if they’re doing something that you’re missing. This is the only way of really standing a chance to compete with other websites.

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