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Roundup 13 features a host of cool tools and scripts that you can use for free. Really, I still wonder where the developers of these tools get their inspirations from. Some of them really do solve headaches in terms of workflow and productivity so my hat is off to the guys who made these stuff. The most impressive in this week’s roundup has to be Taiga. It is an open source project management tool that looks sleeks and is aimed at startups and small agencies.

#1: Stripe – less intrusive lightbox

cool tools roundup 13-1 This particular lightbox tool only covers half of the page, which makes it less intrusive. In fact, it create a whole new level of design possibiilities that you can take advantage of.

#2: Colorful gradiants – automatic gradient creation

cool tools roundup 13-2 It is cool project that automatically churns out colorful gradient everyday. If you need some color scheme inspiration, simply pop by to the site and see what kind of color gradient has been generated today. It is a very interesting way to get inspirations for your design work.

#3: Stylecow – CSS preprocessor

cool tools roundup 13-3 There are a couple of CSS preprocessor available in the market but I like Stylecow for its ease of installation and actual implementation. If you don’t know what a CSS preprocessor is, it basically helps to add in codes to help your CSS to be more compatible with the different browsers.

#4: Oven – better asset workflow in PS

cool tools roundup 13-4 This tools makes it easier for you to manage labels for your photoshop layers. This naming management is important if you want to export your layers correctly through Generator. It still have some room for improvement but it is a rather cool tool now to incorporate into your asset management.

#5: Checkbo – custom checkbox jquery plugin

cool tools roundup 13-5 A simple plugin to create different animations for your button actions. Some might find the animation to be too subtle while others might prefer such a minimalist action.

#6: Taiga – open source project management

cool tools roundup 13-6 Taiga is aimed at startups and small agencies. It takes away a lot of the bloated features in other project management tools. Best of all, it is free and is constantly improving due to its open source nature.

#7: CSStyle – maintaining beautiful CSS

cool tools roundup 13-7 CSStyle is an interesting approach to maintaining your CSS code via the use of SASS mixins. Using them is suppose to make your CSS code more readable and will help to automate certain handling for you.

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