How To Become A Famous Blogger

As a blogger myself, I have noticed that many people have started picking up blogging as a profession and are trying to use their talent to gain popularity. Recently, someone shared a spectacular road-map illustration on how to gain fame through blogging. This illustration was shared by Dave Walker from We Blog Cartoons and I found the illustration quite funny.

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  1. Danielle says:

    This is pretty funny. Maybe there should be an arrow that points each category to “Hire amazing ghostwriter so you can focus on perfecting you publishing skills (uploading a blog post takes real expertise after-all).”

  2. Really liked your article! specially the diagram you have shown (become famous => become blogger, become blogger => become famous)!! 🙂

  3. ishinimrod says:

    This is what I need. i hope i will be a popular blogger someday.

  4. haha..tats a awesome way :P. hoping to see, how to become a famous twitter 😀

  5. I can honestly say that it has definitely worked for me in my area…I have had so many opportunities get thrown my way since I have consistently blogged.

  6. msbpodcast says:

    Actually fame is relative.

    I used to be famous (some would say notorious,) in some IT circles, but I never did see the use in it, so I stopped writing articles, gave up the column and got on with my life as best I could.

    I don’t even Google surf for reverences to my pre-MS days.

  7. Daniel says:

    indeed a nice pic telling a lot of stuff, and the comment from vivek is self explaing too, not really easy to become either famous or a succesful blogger. It will take it´s time tho.

  8. Graphiics says:

    Thats really cool….:p

  9. That’s great, but one thing becoming a blogger is not easy as anyone thought it needs dedication and hard work. After it you need to create a buzz so that everyone knows you.
    In that way you become famous and inspirational blogger