The Best New Design Themes Examples From Mid-Century

The Classic Graphics themes are the most complete form of designs. It has idea, design, punch-line, typography, art and expressions. Scotty Reifsynder is a young designer. His collection displayed rework old themes into modern graphics pattern. His work has produced pieces for the Time magazines, GQ and the New yorker. This article is really handy for designers to learn the mid-century graphics.

Today, I have collected some of the very best and trend setting Mid-themes for you to inspire, aspire and admire.


Scotty-Reifsnyder-1 Scotty-Reifsnyder-2 Scotty-Reifsnyder-3 Scotty-Reifsnyder-4 Scotty-Reifsnyder-5 Scotty-Reifsnyder-6 Scotty-Reifsnyder-7 Scotty-Reifsnyder-8 Scotty-Reifsnyder-9 Scotty-Reifsnyder-10

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