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Another week and another roundup of cool tools that I bumped into.  This roundup sees a number of bigger free tools being released by established players such as Pop by Facebook.  I see this trend continuing as bigger players want more ‘free’ resources from the developer community to contribute to their platform.

Besides Pop,  there are other interested tools such as the graphic vector editor but my personal favorite is gremlin.js. It is simple but it does its job well.


#1: Facebook’s Pop

cool tools roundup 8-1

The actual software has not gone live yet but you can get a preview through Mark’s presentation video. Basically, Pop is the animation framework that powers Facebook’s ‘paper’. I see a lot of potential uptakes on this new framework.


#2: Mondrian

cool tools roundup 8-2

Mondrain is a vector graphics editor that can be used directly from your browser.  There are some teething problems but this free software is generally quite useable. I recommend folks here to take a look if you are into vector graphics.


#3: Toast

cool tools roundup 8-3

Toast is a CSS grid in BEM syntax.  Relative to the common syntax that we are used to, this might look a bit strange. Nevertheless the output looks good and is worth further exploration.


#4: Delaunay Triangles

cool tools roundup 8-4

This is a nice free web app that allows you to create animation with snap.svg. You can preview the output of your code in real time so that makes it easy to work with. Give it a try if you are using snap.svg.


#5: Gremlin.js

cool tools roundup 8-5

If you are using node.js and wants a testing tool to test the robutness of your code, Gremlin.js will be a nice free tool to have in your resource pool.  This tool will test stuff such as memory leaks, uncommon user interactions that can potentially break your function etc.


#6: Raindrop

cool tools roundup 8-6

We have had many bookmarking tools since Now, you can add Raindrop to the list. Its main strength is in image bookmarking that is not unlike Pinterest. However, its mobile implementation is smoother and suits anyone who is a heavy mobile user.


#7: Skala Color

cool tools roundup 8-7

It is a great color OS X color picker. After installing the app, just open the app that you want to use the picker in.  The operation is smooth as well and is a great alternative to other color pickers app.

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