6 Surefire Ways To Grow Your YouTube Channel

It’s no secret that many people have become addicted to video. Statistics show that over 240 million Americans consume video content, with users spending an average of about 6.8 hours watching videos online weekly. In addition, 54% of consumers demand more video content from a business or brand they support.

Thus, video marketing has become a critical aspect of your overall marketing campaign. While popular social sites such as TikTok and Instagram are great places to post videos, YouTube subscribers are said to be the best way to promote your business.

If you already have a YouTube channel, this article provides a basic guide on how to grow your subscribers count, views, and overall channel reach.

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1. Try Buying YouTube Views From Reputable Providers

If you’re just starting out with your YouTube channel, it can take a lot of time and effort before you can see positive results.

One of the easier ways to help you get started is to buy views. If your channel gets thousands of views, people will be intrigued about your content and create credibility and you’ll likely get more views and ultimately grow your channel.

That said, be careful when choosing a provider to work with. Most vendors you see online offer you fake accounts or bots to increase your view. Not only does it reduce your credibility, but it also increases the risk of getting your channel banned.


2. Target The Right Keywords

YouTube is considered the second largest search engine, next to Google. Thus, it’s also one of the most competitive channels for businesses. In fact, statistics show that there are about 500 hours of video uploaded on YouTube every minute. Unless you already have a loyal following from other social channels, nobody will find your video unless you optimize it for search.

That said, you need to target the right keywords in your video titles, profile, and descriptions. Finding the right keyword with good monthly searches but minimal competition is not easy. However, you can use a keyword research tool to find the right keywords with promising search volume.


3. Engage With Your Audience

The main goal of video marketing, or any type of marketing, is to build strong relationships with your audience and ultimately convince them to do business with you. So, if you want to grow your YouTube channel, interacting with your viewers is one of the most effective methods you need to do.

Turn on your video comments and interact with your community. Depending on the nature of your content, the audience will sometimes jump into the comments to ask questions or interact with you. As you answer questions and engage with them, your comments become a community where users start to interact with each other, which further ensures the growth of your channel.

Other ways to engage with your audience include running YouTube contests, including user-generated content in your videos (make sure to ask for permission), and creating reaction videos.


4. Cross-promote Your Videos

Promoting your YouTube videos on other social platforms is one of the best ways to grow your online following for your business.

Make sure to use all your social profiles and other digital channels to boost your YouTube channel’s following. Here are some of the ideas you should try:

  • Link and post your new YouTube videos on social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Share your newest videos to your email list members.
  • In Quora, you can engage and answer users’ questions and then link out to your relevant YouTube video.
  • Embed your YouTube videos into your website or blog posts. If possible, you can dedicate an entire blog post to transcribing, highlighting, or breaking down takeaways from your YouTube video.

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5. Include CTAs

Most of the time, viewers simply watch your content and leave. While it gives you more views, you need to do everything to make them interact more with you and become subscribers.

That said, don’t expect your viewers to like, comment, or subscribe to your channel. Always ask them and remind them with call-to-actions or CTAs. Consider adding CTAs at the beginning, middle, and end of your videos, encouraging viewers to like, comment, share and subscribe to your account. Make sure to add CTAs in the description too.

It won’t hurt to remind viewers to subscribe to or engage with your YouTube videos when engaging in the comment section.


6. Collaborate With Other YouTube Channels

It’s hard for new YouTube channels to grow their audience by only creating content on their own. A YouTube collab helps open up new opportunities for both small and large channels.

Collaborating with a business or fellow YouTuber can help grow your YouTube channel since it helps double your audience. It helps expose your channel to a new audience while helping you create better content.

The key to hosting successful collab videos is finding a guest or co-host that fits your niche. In general, you can connect with YouTubers and creators on social media. Preferably, it helps if your co-host has a larger following to significantly boost your channel. You can do a video collaboration with several channels in one video or for an entire video series.


Take Away

Investing in YouTube videos is a great way to boost your brand’s online visibility and help prospects see the value in your offering. To maximize your video marketing, consider following the best practices mentioned above. These tips can help you create engaging YouTube videos, attract more viewers, grow your YouTube channel and ultimately bring increased awareness to your brand.


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