Seven useful apps to help you buy or sell a car

There’s a wealth of websites allowing you to get the best deal on a new or used car. Whether you wish to compare prices, read reviews, or stay up-to-date on the latest forms of automotive technology; automotive blogs and listings sites will keep you informed so that you can make the right decision. This handy service has now also extended to the world of mobile apps. If you are in the market to buy or sell a car, you’ll want to think about downloading the following smartphone apps so that you have the right info at your fingertips.


1. CarChecker

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If you’re buying a used car, you’ll want to download CarChecker before you pay any visits to potential candidates. This app provides you with a checklist of factors to look for in a car, including signs of neglect, wear and tear, or other red flags. You work down the list on the app, with the car getting a score to aid in your decision. Although you could do this with a pad of paper and a pen, it’s easier to have this automated format.


2. eBay Motors

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Whether you’re buying or selling, eBay helps prove why it’s enduringly popular with apps like eBay Motors. You can search for cars with filters for make, model, year, or keyword. Another cool feature is that you can take photos of cars you see on the road, and eBay will find matches in your area. It’s also easy to list your car online using this app, and you’re guaranteed to reach a wide audience with minimal effort.


3. Auto Trader

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Another popular car listings site, Auto Trader offers an app for Android and iOS devices. You can’t sell through it like you can with the eBay app, but you can search for similar vehicles to see what your competition looks like. Buyers can read reviews and flick through photos of vehicles in their area.


4. Edmunds

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Research your potential options using the Edmunds app, which offers a user-friendly interface. You can find out more about a particular make, model and year of vehicle. For cost comparison purposes, it’s hard to beat, offering you the dealer retail, private party sale, and trade-in cost of any given model. This is handy for both buyers and sellers who need to find out what a given car is worth.


5. Carsales

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It’s also a good idea to download the Carsales app if you want to research a particular model, as this Australian listings site offers extensive reviews along with used cars for sale. Search through the available cars for sale on your mobile phone, read new and used car reviews, and catch up on the latest news all at the same time.


6. Car Status Check

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Find out whether a used car is legitimate or not by accessing its status using this app. It will help you ensure that the car is properly registered, so that you avoid being swindled into buying a car with outstanding finance or one that has been stolen.


7. Parker’s Car Price Check

app for buying and selling cars 7

In the UK, Parkers is one of the best sources of information for viewing current car valuations. You can see precise figures regarding the value of your car, depending on its age, make, model, and mileage.

With these useful apps, you’ll be able to determine what the right price is for a particular make and model and protect yourself from either selling too low or buying too high. Don’t set foot on a lot without your smartphone.

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