16 cool super hero icons

To express my excitement for the Thor 2 movie that is out, I have pull together this list of super cool or cute hero icons from both Marvel and DC comics. I loved how designers and artists have interpreted their love for these characters in icon forms. They have picked up design element from the super hero and incorporated their own perspective into the mix to create their own visuals. From the super cute to the super realistic, there is a wide range of styles that is on display here. Please check them out and see how creative our profession can be.


#1: Captain America uniform icon

marvel and dc superhero icon 1

I was blown away by how cool this icon is. The design is taken from Captain America’s famous uniform that was seen in the Avengers movie.  There is jpeg file that you can download if you want to use this design for your personal usage. Very very cool.


#2: Hulk and Bruce Banner icon

marvel and dc superhero icon 2

The Hulk and Bruce Banner icons looks absolutely spot on even though there isn’t much pencil details. I don’t know who the hell the other 2 guys are but the hulk alone makes this image worth showcasing.


#3: Thor uniform icon

marvel and dc superhero icon 3

This comes from the same artist as #1 but the details are so fine that I had to profile the same guy twice.


#4: Super hero logo icons

marvel and dc superhero icon 4

This set is a sleek representation of Superman, Batman and Hawkman’s logo. There is a nice psd file waiting for your download if you find this to be cool. Within the download, there are other DC superhero icons including Aquaman, Red Tornado, Captain Marvel, Captain Atom, Booster Gold and Deadman.


#5: Marvel super hero head icons

marvel and dc superhero icon 5

Nice design work on the marvel superheroes. Represented here are all the famous heroes from Marvel comics including the avengers and some X men characters.  The only downside is the lack of a file to download.


#6: Flat super hero icons

marvel and dc superhero icon 6

I love the bright colors used to decorate the super heroes’ emblems. Featured above are emblems that belong to Batman, Superman, Flash, Captain America, spider-man and the Invincibles.


#7: Iron man iOS icon

marvel and dc superhero icon 7

Great use of the iron man chest emblem as the ios icon design. There is a image file you can download here if you want to play around it or use it for your personal decorative item.


#8: Cute avengers icon set

marvel and dc superhero icon 8

If you liked something less serious and more cute look, this set if great for you.  Featuring all the characters in avengers, the head icons will make cool as a design element.


#9: Robin head icon

marvel and dc superhero icon 9

For those who might not be familiar with Robin, he is the side kick of batman. He doesn’t have a movie appearance now but I will not be surprised if he does have one in the future.


#10: Heroes font icon

marvel and dc superhero icon 10

Another stylish set of font icons that fashion after comic heroes and villains. On the top you have batman and batwomen. On the bottom, you have Spider man and Venom.  Cool!


#11: Captain America shield icon

marvel and dc superhero icon 11

A nice representation of Captain America’s icon. You should also check out other relevant stuff from the same designer as he has created a range of avengers icon set. There is a png file you can download.


#12: Super adorable iron man icon

marvel and dc superhero icon 12

If you have a weakness of big eye characters, then you will love this super cute iron man head icon.  I don’t think you can get more adorable than this.


#13: Realistic iron man icon

marvel and dc superhero icon 13

Here is an alternative to the above. It is a realistic looking iron man helmet that you can download from the link above.  Nice use of shadowing to create the shiny effect.


#14: Hawkeye icon

marvel and dc superhero icon 14

There are not many icons made for Hawkeye but here is one cool version. Best of all, the image file can be downloaded from the link.


#15: Rounded super hero icon

marvel and dc superhero icon 15

Here is an interesting take on the super hero icon design. All the creation have been ’rounded’ to create a uniform effect. If you want your icon to stand out, this is a good set to download. The PNG file is available at the link.


#16: Fan art icon

marvel and dc superhero icon 16 marvel and dc superhero icon 16-2

This is a nice set of super hero icons using a side view perspective. The result is rather stunning. The two characters showcased above are Thor and Nova.  You can see more examples of other super heroes through the link above.

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  1. Dylann Andre says:

    These are so cute superhero icons. My little kids will surely get fond of these.