12 hexagon wordpress theme and templates

After featuring the hexagon web design article, some readers have emailed me asking whether is there any themes or templates that use such design.  I understand the reason from their inquiry as most prefer to buy something off the shelf or to modify from existing themes. Hexagon web design uses a different CSS formatting that requires a different base of code. To save time on creating these new codes, it will be easier to use somebody’s else work. If you are looking for such themes and templates, I have round up a nice collection of such designs that are affordable but look gorgeous.


#1: Hexagon – one page wordpress theme

hexagon wordpress theme 1

Combining the hexagon design with the one page concept, we have this theme which incidentally, is also called hexagon. The use of hexagon design is limited to only the team profile and icons so it isn’t over the top for who liked a little subtlety in their design.


#2: Hexagonal – Multipurpose wordpress theme

hexagon wordpress theme 2

Hexagonal is best as a corporate website or portfolio showcase. Its hexagon design is manifested as icons to show your products or portfolios.


#3: Bigbang –  responsive hecagon wordpress theme

hexagon wordpress theme 3

Unlike the rest of the wordpress theme, bigbang allows you to choose how you want to display your work or products. You can three options: triangle, circule and hexagon. Pictured above is how it would look like if you select the hexagon option.


#4:  Chronos – One page hexagon template

hexagon wordpress theme 4

Chronos also uses the one page concept but this is a website template, rather than a wordpress theme. Similar to BigBang, this hexagon template allows you to select how you want to showcase your portfolio: in square or hexagon shape.


#5: Supernova – Hexagon responsive html template

hexagon wordpress theme 5

This is a more minimalist design hexagon template compared to the rest. It also use different layout options of which one is hexagon based layout. It also has a nice CSS animation that allows the hexagon to change when being moused over.


#6:  KnowHow – Dark responsive hexagon template

hexagon wordpress theme 6

For those who prefer a dark colored hexagon web design, knowhow will be a better fit for you.  Among all the themes and templates, knowhow offers the most options in terms of layout. Specifically, it offers NINE different shapes for you to choose from. One of them is of course hexagon.


#7:  WeLove – Hexagon html template

hexagon wordpress theme 7

Here is anthoer hexagon template with different layout options. Nothing much to say except it is nice and clean for those who prefer such a style.


#8: Hexagram – hexagon psd template

hexagon wordpress theme 8

Most of the themes and templates that I have covered only uses the hexagon concept in the portfolio or product. Unlike those, hexagram uses the hexagon design in the homepage very strongly. It comes with 2 colors templates: white and red.


#9: Monkey Music – Hexagon psd template for bands

hexagon wordpress theme 9

This is a nice hexagon psd template that is developed primary for bands.  The hexagon design again is one of the layout options you have when you purchased the template.


#10: Hexfolio – A hexagon template for model agencies

hexagon wordpress theme 10

Hexfolio uses the hexagon shape to showcase images of beautiful people from a model agency. It is a great way to use the hexagon concept. Hexfolio is currently in development and should be ready by end of the year.


#11: Creative Geometric – Animated hexagon template

hexagon wordpress theme 11

This website template uses flash to animation some parts of the website. If you are looking for such effects, this will the template for you.


#12: Personal portfolio template with hexagon design

hexagon wordpress theme 12

Finally, here is a template for designers who want to showcase their work in hexagon design.

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