Marketing analytics tools that are shaping the industry

Thanks to an ever-evolving Internet and an increased amount of competition, understanding marketing trends is now more important than ever before. There are several tools which are helping to revolutionise the ways in which this essential goal is accomplished. If you are looking to reinvent how you approach your digital marketing strategy, the tools that we will take a look at are definitely worth a closer examination.


Managing Big Data

Big data can often create a veritable smog of numbers that are very hard to make any sense out of. A program known as Marketing Evolution seeks to provide you with the insight and clarity to understand which metrics, media and content are the best to drive your business forward. When you appreciate what messages work the best with a specific demographic, your ROI will be vastly enhanced.


Take Content Marketing to the Next Level

If you are like most, the chances are high that you post a significant amount of content on a weekly basis. The problem here is knowing which discrete posts are resonating the most with your target audience. While platforms such as Google Analytics can be useful, obtaining a “granular” feel for a single piece of content is still challenging. Kapost Content Scoring takes the guesswork out of this process. Not only can you get the “big picture”, but you are also provided with specifics such as how much revenue a single Tweet or blog post has generated within a certain time frame.


Overall Website Effectiveness

A platform known as Mixpanel is another great example of how dissecting your CRM management system can have a massive impact upon your marketing approaches. Not only will you be able to manage basic details such as the number of inbound hits and the clickthrough rates, but you will also be provided with certain user patterns. These can include overall client retention rates, which buttons on your site are clicked the most and what features seem to be the most popular. So, you can make any necessary real-time adjustments as you see fit.

These are three excellent tools to help bring your website to the next level. Of course, such software packages are continuing to evolve as the overall digital landscape advances. If you have been looking for solutions that are somewhat outside of the proverbial box, such systems will indeed come in very handy.


Tim Aldiss writes for Cloud-iQ the conversion optimisation experts.


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