Key Things to Know In Order to Improve Your User’s Experience

If you operate a digital platform it is important to acknowledge that you don’t do so in a vacuum. You run your site with a goal, and you are constantly striving to make it better. In acknowledging this you are also saying that you are seeking to make it a better experience for your users. Because your users tend not to give much by way of helpful feedback, the best way to know what is going on and to deliver and the ever-improving product is to use analytics to help you make informed decisions. The reality though, is that with so much information available online, it can be hard to know what information is important and what isn’t. Here are some of the key things to focus on when studying your site’s analytics.

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How long they stay?

When it comes to data analytics Sydney has many experts who can help you know more about your customer’s behaviour. It may initially seem trivial but knowing how long they stay on a site, video, the article is very useful information for guiding your online presence. The places your consumer goes to and stays for a while has something that keeps them there. Compare these with others that generate similar stickability to see what they have in common. You should also compare these pages with those where the customer spends very little time and quickly moves on. This can help you know what is working and what is not working. Where they like to linger and what makes them want to move on or stops them from staying a little longer.


What pages they are viewing?

More than just knowing how much time the customer is spending on a page is knowing which pages they are viewing. Those that have more video content might be more of an attraction to those that are predominantly text. If you can ascertain the types of pages the consumer enjoys more or frequents more regularly, you can replicate this, or add actions or click-throughs to these pages. A way of putting it, that feels and sounds a little more tangible is, you have more chance of exposure in a room that is regularly occupied over that room in your house that nobody ever sits in. So, hang the pictures (or adverts) you want to be noticed on the walls (or pages) where your people are hanging out more.


What do they do while they are there?

Data analytics is powerful enough to even be able to inform you what your customer is doing while they’re on the site or page. Are they reading, is the page timing out with inactivity, are they watching videos or entering their details to receive newsletters? Do they click on photos or click on links that take them to other pages or external links? Understanding the activities that your consumer is doing while on your website will inform you on what kinds of pages draw actions. What you are ultimately trying to achieve is an increase in sales, so the closer you get to that the more you are creating a winning combination.


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