How to elevate your personal blog to the next level

A personal blog or a personal website is more powerful than ever. Thousands of internet users now turn to blogs when they are searching for information, tips and tricks, reviews, and other types of content. It is easier for visitors to connect with personal blogs and the people behind them.

How to elevate your personal blog to the next level

Whether you’re using your blog for professional reasons such as developing a strong personal brand, or you simply enjoy sharing the tips and tricks you have gathered over the years, taking blogging more seriously can lead to many great opportunities. These simple tweaks will help you get started with elevating your personal blog to the next level.


Put Emphasis on UI and UX

There are two main jargons you have to understand, and they are User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX). UI is the design of your site; the way the menu is laid out and contentare delivered. UX, on the other hand, is the experience users get when interacting with the UI or the design of your site.

These are the two elements to tweak first if you want to take your blog to new heights. Sure, you’ve been doing okay and getting a lot of traffic with the free theme you have been using over the years. To truly deliver a pleasant user experience, however, you need to start taking the design of your site more seriously.

Creating a more streamlined and consistent navigation menu is the first thing to do. You also want to work on improving the site’s loading time and fluidness (how smoothly users can transition from one page to the next).

Of course, these are things you can do yourself. Alternatively, you can rely on a capable digital creative agency to get the best results without having to go through the whole learning process.


Integrate Social Media

User engagement is always a big part of blogging. Many of your loyal readers are there because they can ask questions, leave comments, and get responses from you as the blog owner. Today’s social media platforms allow this kind of interaction on a larger scale, which is why integrating social media into your blogging life is a must.

When posting a new article, for instance, try to change the way you share on Twitter and Facebook. Don’t just share the URL and title of the article. Talk about the main topic of the article and let your social media followers have a discussion around the topic too.

On Twitter, you can even generate interest by posting several preliminary tweets leading to your final tweet about a new blog post. You will get much higher user engagement this way.


Make It Personal

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the main reason why people love personal blogs is that, well, they are personal. Don’t try to mimic the writing style of news sites and bigger portals. Instead, develop your own style, find a way to deliver your points from a personal point of view, and build genuine relationships with your readers.

You can also share personal experiences more. Again, the main purpose of taking a personal point of view is so that readers find more things to relate to while browsing through your blog. After all, you are blogging to tell the world your side of the story. Make it personal and you’ll have more loyal readers than you can imagine.

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