5 Websites for smart home enthusiasts

The Internet of Things (IoT), the technology behind smart homes, is ever growing and evolving. And let’s face it, the smart home trend is picking up quickly. Many people want to get in on the trend to make their homes more efficient, connected, and of course, cool. Are you of one of those people? Do you consider yourself a smart home enthusiast? If you do, you know that staying on top of the smart home trend and ever changing device list is tough. But thankfully, several in-the-know tech bloggers are doing all the legwork for you. If you want to know the latest lingo, languages, and devices, here are the 5 best sources on the web.


#5: Gizmodo—we come from the future

Don’t tell them I told you, but Gizmodo isn’t really from the future. They cover a wide range of relevant topics from video games, robotics, smart homes, and space exploration. But their content is far from dry. They spice up their headlines with a healthy dose of tech rumor dashed with a youthful vibe. And who doesn’t love spiced up tech news? Gizmodo is also known for providing hands-on reviews. Though they focus mainly on smartphones, they do occasionally cover smart home devices. If you know what you’re searching for, Gizmodo is good place to start.

Smart home coverage is a tiny part of their website, so you should know where to look, or rather who to look for. I follow three of Gizmodo’s tech writers who know smart homes – Shep McAllister, Bryan Lufkin, and Andrew Liszewski.. Shep is a great deal finder and he writes about discounts and promotions from well known smart home brands. He’s also a tech geek himself, so his articles will usually tell you whether or not you should take a deal or leave it. If you want to hear the latest in smart home news, Bryan is your go-to guy. He’s also got a good sense of rumor (Yes, rumor). And last, Andrew. Andrew is an expert reviewer of smart home products. Some of his reviews are hands-on, some are not, but all of his reviews include his expert opinion.


#4 4: TechCrunch

TechCrunch is well-known in the tech world. They have their own network of sites including CrunchBase, TalkCrunch, MobileCrunch, and CrunchGear. Just like Gizmodo, TechCrunch covers a wide range of topics beyond smart homes. Using a voice less youthful than Gizmodo, they focus on startups, finance, tech gossip, and more. What really sets them apart from Gizmodo is that they feature video reviews of gadgets, apps, and software. You’ll also find plenty of video interviews with some of today’s leading tech innovators.

TechCrunch is one of my go-to sites when I’m looking for product reviews. It is also a great site to follow if you’re the kind who wants to invest in startup smart home products and companies as they feature market analysis. Unlike Gizmodo, TechCrunch’s writers come and go. So instead of following a specific writer, I suggest adding www.techcrunch.com/tag/smart-home to your bookmarks.


 #3: HomeAlarmReport

HomeAlarmReport is somewhat new to the smart home scene. But, their featured writer, Rose Thibodeaux, is a well-known smart home reviewer who previously worked for SecurityGem.com. Her articles are more smart home-focused than TechCrunch and Gizmodo, but the site is also much smaller. She offers tips and suggestions about what devices are worth buying and she oftens ranks them from best to worst.

HomeAlarmReport offers product reviews of smart home devices including smart security systems, self-monitored security systems, security cameras, home automation devices, and internet security devices. They cover the home security and smart home market at every level as well. From large players like Xfinity down to Frontpoint Security to startup smart home gadgets on crowdfunding sites like IndieGoGo and Kickstarter. If you prefer independent news, this is your site.


#2: IoT Podcast

When you’re tired of reading, try listening to the IoT Podcast. This weekly podcast hosted by Stacey Higginbotham, an editor for Fortune and smart home enthusiast, and co-hosted by Kevin Tofel, also a writer who specializes in home automation is on its 42nd episode with a new podcast released every Thursday. They talk about the latest and biggest IoT news, smart home gadgets, and they usually have an industry-relevant guest.


#1: CNET

And last, but certainly not the least, CNET. They review, give news updates, show videos, and offer how-to guides for almost everything that falls into the tech category. They cover mobile devices, computers, appliances, cars, wearables, consumer electronics, and even software and apps. Most of their reviews are hands-on, which means they’ve tried the products and can speak from experience, not just speculation. When it comes to reviewing smart home devices, CNET is on it. They own a home called the CNET Smart Home. The home is used as a testing facility for smart home devices.

Each of CNET’s writers has their own expertise. Megan Wollerton and Ry Crist are among my favorites. Megan writes about smart home security, where she talks about security cameras, reviews smart home security systems, and gives tips on how to enhance your home security using smart home gadgets. Ry Crist talks more about smart home devices and making your home more connected.

There you have it, 5 websites that you should frequently visit for smart home updates. Do you have your own list of websites that talk about smart homes?

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