5 Vital points to consider while doing splits URL testing


Split URL testing is an amazing way to test the multiple versions of a web page by hosting those pages on different URLs, and slitting the traffic coming over those pages. The prime aim of conducting a split URL test is to find out that which layout of the web page attracts the visitors better and offers a higher number of conversions as compared to others.

Most often split URL testing is conducted when one is planning major changes to the design of the website or are considering a design overhaul in order to make the website more attractive for the visitors. Split URL testing offers a plethora of advantages, and thus, is one of the most widely used website testing techniques. If you are also planning to conduct split URL testing on your website, following are the five vital points which you should take into consideration.


Run the Tests That Are Based on Hypothesis

The first important point to consider is to develop a hypothesis before running the test. A hypothesis is a proposed solution to a common problem, and testing the hypothesis implies that you are checking that whether the proposed solution is the ideal solution or not. So, there must be some agenda before you design a split URL test for your website.


Analyse Test Data Through Google Analytics

When you are conducting the split URL testing, you will get a lot of traffic and user data on the different versions of the web pages. So, even when you have used tools to analyse the test data and gathered the imperative insights, it is always a good idea to analyse the test data on Google Analytics as well. This will help you with some valuable insights and information that can be used for improving the overall website navigation experience for your visitors.


Don’t Give Up If the First Test Fails

Testing is always an uncertain activity, and when you are testing on the real traffic to your website, you can surely expect uncertainties. So, if your first few tests fail, don’t give up. It takes time to come up with the right results from split URL testing. Simply learn from your failure, improve your hypothesis and start the test again.


Don’t Pay Attention Only to Statistics

Statistical significance is not the only aspect to which you should pay attention while conducting the split URL test. It’s important to understand th false positives too, and ensure that you are getting the right results. The more variations of the web pages, you test against each other, the higher are the chances of getting false positives. So, don’t run tests on too many web page variations at once.


Don’t Run Multiple Tests Simultaneously

If you are planning to run multiple tests at the same time in order to save time and money, you might not be heading in the right way. It needs a lot of focus and you may skew the test results if you are not careful enough. So, avoid such situations, as traffic overlapping may manipulate the results. Run one test at a time to get the right set of results.


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