5 Resources for building digital assets

Digital assets help create your company’s image. These can include logos, videos, images, presentations, and much more. Building digital assets helps your brand to build a presence in the digital world as well as represent your brand’s image for new customers. Here are some resources for building these digital assets.


  1. Design Hill

Your brand needs a logo to represent it on paperwork, merchandise, and especially in digital mediums such as social media pages. Your name should become synonymous with the logo, like the McDonald’s arch or the Nike symbol. When you see these logos, you immediately know the company they represent.

Design Hill is a (free) logo creator that’s completely web-based. The site boasts thousands of design templates to choose from. You simply type in your company name and then pick a design that best suits your company. You’ll have to purchase the finalized logo, but the design process is free and the logos are considerably more affordable than if you hire a graphic designer.


  1. Pexels

You’ll likely need stock photos for one reason or another. Whether for your brand’s website, app, or blog, stock photos are an attractive way to fill up empty space and make content more relatable to your customers.

Pexels provides thousands of free and downloadable stock photos, without any attribution required (though you are certainly able to choose to credit the photo). The site also features stock videos for your short ad or voice over.

With a large network of photographers, the site is one of the largest online communities for free stock photos and has gained a reputation for quality and consistency. Try Pexels the next time you need stock photos for your digital assets, and you’ll see why the site is one of the top-rated stock photo hubs on the web.


  1. C&I Studios

If you’re looking for high-quality Video Production, look no further than C&I studios. Whether you’re shooting your next TV commercial, your first program, or a simple online ad, C&I has the tools to get the job done in a professional and quality manner.

The studio’s services go beyond just video shooting and editing, however. With other services such as web design, branding, marketing, and social media services, C&I is your one-stop shop for everything related to brand awareness and generating digital content.



  1. Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator remains one of the best design tools out there for creating digital illustrations for logos, graphics, and more. Best of all, Adobe allows a seven-day trial so you can give the software a test run before making the decision to purchase.

Once you’ve purchased the package, it will not only include your licensed copy of Adobe Illustrator, but also 2GB of cloud storage, the “Creative Cloud” desktop app for managing files, and access to hundreds of video tutorials and tips.

Adobe has retained its reputation of quality and consistency for many years, with some of the finest design products on the market. They are used by professionals and amateurs alike all over the world, and it’s easy to see why once you experience the software. It’s easy to use, responsive, and creates high-quality renders right from your desktop.


  1. Canva

If you’re hosting a special, opening night, or any other event, you’ll probably want an attractive poster for your site, social media pages, and even your local telephone poles. Canva is here to help with this. With free poster creation software, Canva will help you generate high-quality ads that you can circulate among all of your digital platforms.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Canva is designed to be an easy-to-use tool that anyone can generate quality flyers with. Banners, posters, flyers, social media banners, and much more can be created with this excellent tool; and best of all, it’s free! With over 2,200 flyer designs alone to choose from, you’re sure to find the design that best fits your company’s needs.



When you’re building your brand, digital assets are an essential component to creating a lasting impression in the digital world. Logos, flyers, videos, and more can help your brand become recognizable and improve the overall effectiveness of your social media and web pages.



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