When church bells ring: Top Android apps for wedding photographers

Weddings are one of the most important photographic events in anyone’s life.

You want the images of this special day to be outstanding and beautiful. The latest technology advances provide photographers with many new tools and editing options.

If you are using an android smartphone to supplement your DSLR camera, you’ll be delighted with the many apps available to give you the ability to take high-quality images that rival traditional wedding photographs.


Camera 360 Ultimate

Unlike some apps, Camera 360 Ultimate is geared to high-level editing. It has a great number of shooting modes and filters. Soft Skin is a particularly popular shooting mode for wedding portraiture. A group of filters are included that make the subject of your portrait look better.

Remove wrinkles or zits, redden lips, or add character to a portrait with the many available filters. The numerous options for shooting modes and filters provide variety within each of the categories. Apply multiple filters to an image for some unique effects. Camera 360 Ultimate is a free app.


Photo Director

Photo Director is one of the most amazing photo editing apps to appear recently. There are dozens of manual enhancements, and there are HSL sliders for brightness, tone, exposure, darkness, and contrast. This is a powerful editor for photographers who want to learn more about image composition and artistically enhance their smartphone photographs. In addition to the HSL sliders, you have access to RGB colour channels, white balance, and other options for editing your photos.

Quickly add overlays to your wedding images, and use a large number of special creative effects to add drama. Photo Director also offers a variety of photo styles. RGB curves and HSL tools are some of the more advanced “in depth” editing features this app provides.



One of the most popular Android smartphone photography apps is VSCO Cam. The quality of the images you take will look amazing using the many filters and effects that are included in this creative app. In addition to a high-quality camera app, VSCO Cam includes solid-editing options and basic filters offering a single-click fix. Serious editors can dig right in to the many options that offer professional grade results. If you’re a photo fanatic VSCO Cam is the perfect app if you are photographing a wedding.

Lighting in a room isn’t always perfect, but using the filters offered in this VSCO Cam will take care of any adjustments that are needed to bring your image to perfection. Bride’s and attendant’s bouquets will be true to colour and beautiful. You can give your wedding photos all the charm of the old 35 mm film images with VSCO Cam.

The apps described above can make your wedding photography the envy of all your friends. Technology keeps advancing, and you have the opportunity to take advantage of all the improvements with these exciting smartphone apps. Each one has something different and special to offer. Choose the one that provides the most options you desire.

Emma Jones is a Mom who works weekends at a wedding photographer whilst her husband looks after their 4 year old daughter. Emma is passionate about her work and enjoys sharing some knowledge and fun ideas with brides online.

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