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Promoting your own brand is an essential element for a successful website. With all of the endless pieces of content on the internet, it is important to help yourself from getting lost in the search results page of Google. Plus, if you really have something great to say, then you should be proud of your content and be motivated to share it with as many people as possible. One of the best ways to promote your content and spread your site is through an outreach campaign. Here are a few strategies for a successful outreach campaign…

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Site Targeting

Sharing your website with family friends is definitely a good way to start a site, but it certainly won’t take you to the top. You need to work to push your site out into a relevant community of influencers that can help you to share your content. If you want to start with a list of a few tools you can use for outreach, you can take a look at Wix’s SEO Hero outreach article for some recommendations.

Another method is to play with some of the advanced search options on google to help pinpoint some good sites to aggregate for outreach.

For instance, if you are a technology site you may want to search in advanced settings…

Once you have sorted through and collected at least 50-100 relevant sites from your query, you can begin your outreach.


Develop an Approach

Next you want to think about how you should approach the other webmasters. If you want someone to share the content that you have spent so much time producing, you should spend equally as much time developing a strong approach.  You want your email to be short-medium length and with a clear call to action. Think of it as a mini sales pitch. You want to say who you are, what you created, and why it would be relevant to their readership. Making your pitch concise will help you to guarantee more responses.



Don’t forget.  Most people are very busy! You shouldn’t get discouraged if you aren’t receiving tons of responses on the first try. Create a follow-up email that compliments your first email without giving the exact same details. You don’t want the webmaster to feel like you are just simply copy pasting your request for the second time. In your follow-up, you can cut down on the introduction and focus more so on the main reasons why your content could be a good option for them to post.


Relationship Building

Always think about the long term when it comes to outreach. While it may seem like a very big world, most communities on the web are much smaller than you think. If you treat people rudely, or you are inconsiderate with their time, it could come back to burn you. So always try to be polite and kind in your interactions with people.

Additionally, if you know some sites that you would really like to work with, try to learn about the content that they are posting and generate material that you think would suit their style. Lastly, once you make relationships with good webmasters, keep them in a favourites category so you can share with them quality posts that you will create in future.


Promoting your content will help you to step up your game, and expose your work to a wider community. Make sure to constantly look for new relationships and always remember to create interesting and unique content that is worth sharing!

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