10 Websites Where you Can Show Off your Skills and Participate in Photoshop

If you love Photoshop and want to show people your Photoshopping skills, then you should definitely enter Photoshop contests held on many different websites. Entering a contest is a great way to practice your skill and flaunt them at the same time — and if you win the contest, you obviously get a prize!

So, here are 10 websites that let you enter Photoshop contests. Check them out:



Pxleyes is a community site that boasts contests, tutorials, blog and an active forum. The prize money is not much so the Photoshop beginners can try their luck on this site. Contests are divided in different skill levels. The contests usually revolve around photo manipulation and votes by users decide prizes.

Photoshop Contest

Photoshop Contests, Win Real Prizes, Photoshop Tutorials, Photoshop Forums

This site gives out a prize of $50 on winning a contest. $50 might seem a small amount to you, but these $50s will add up if you keep winning the contests one after the other — as this site hosts one contest after the other. But for winning you obviously need skills. You can enter any open contest by adding your photoshopped pictures and then hope that other members will view, vote and comment on your entry.

Worth 1000

Worth1000 Home

This site has many types of contests, from photography and illustration contests to Effects contests. The prize money is a lot better too. It is an organized site that is easy to navigate. Most of the contests on this site are theme-based, for example, making celebrities invisible. You can enter the contest that is for beginners, rather than going up against experts and losing badly.


If you look at the stats, this site looks very promising — with 2000+ contests already held and about 5000+ members. It holds Graffiti Contests that are announced 3 times a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Members can vote for the entries of their choice. The contests are theme-based. According to the site the contests are actually more fun than competition. Weekly contests called Slags are a bit more serious and competitive but they are not being held now a days but will be resumed soon.


FARK.com- Upcoming contests

This site also holds some Photoshop contests tagged with Photoshop. Some contests are viewable to members with paid membership, before they become viewable for all members. You are required to Photoshop pictures, but those pictures must be funny. Links to images are given and you have to Photoshop them. You don’t get any prizes but get recorded in Fark’s archives.

PHX Layers

This site has an annual design competition. Their About page says – PHX LAYERS is a friendly locals-only design competition centralized on a theme of live collaboration between designers residing in and representing the Phoenix Metropolitan. Two competitors go head to head swapping a file back and forth. Each competitor does some modification to the design and the process continues. The time of the competition is 30 minutes and there are over 6 rounds as each competitor adds, deletes, and modifies an picture with graphic tools.

PSD Tuts

Photoshop Contests Tutorials and Articles - Psdtuts+

PSD Tuts is a premier Photoshop tutorial website that has contests under Articles > Contests. The contests are straightforward. All you have to do is to add your entry and then you can get rewarded with things like filter packs, iPads, and other computer accessories. Simply wait for the contest announcement or bookmark the contest category.

Freaking News

This one is a simpler Photoshop contest site that has some fun design challenges. Their latest challenge is to work on Steve Jobs as a tribute to the iconic visionary. Users vote up the one they like.

Photoshop Faceoff

Photoshop Faceoff provides a picture daily and you can take it and Photoshop it. Then simply post the picture to the site so people can vote up the picture. The one with most votes wins the day’s Face-Off. Monthly leaders are displayed on the leader-board.

Graphic Competitions

Graphic Competitions is not solely a Photoshop contest site, but it boasts design contests from around the planet. The graphic design category has amazing contests. The contests are high profile and most of Photoshop contests are poster designing contests.

Do you like taking part in Photoshop contests? Or have you ever taken part in any or plan to take part in one soon? Do tell us in comments!

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