How a Password Generator Can Make You Safer and More Secure Online

A password generator takes the work out of creating secure passwords for all your online accounts. As the economy increasingly goes online, more consumers are turning to the internet for basic necessities, using credit cards for most purchases.

Cybercriminals are constantly looking for ways to exploit vulnerabilities in internet infrastructure. While simple, memorable passwords based on names or dates can work for a while, they offer less safety and security than the long strings of random characters generated by most modern browsers and password managers


Why Should You Use a Password Generator?

Passwords based on the names of pets, friends or family members are easy to remember, but they’re also easy for cybercriminals to crack using a brute-force algorithm. The reason they provide so little protection is that brute-force algorithms can churn through billions of possibilities in seconds.

Since these algorithms typically begin with ordinary words from a lexicon, they’re likely to crack any name-based passwords relatively quickly. As computers get faster and smarter, these algorithms become even more of a threat to internet security.


Effortlessly Generate Passwords for Every Account

Password generators work automatically and integrate seamlessly with major browsers. In most cases, you can automatically generate a password while creating or updating an online account. With many browsers and password generators, you can then easily store your password in a safe, encrypted location, creating a backup copy in cloud storage.

When you need to log into your account, the password will be available directly in your browser. Most major browsers will automatically fill in your account details at the login screen, so you won’t have to remember your username or password.


Highly Secure Passwords That Are Nearly Impossible to Crack

Since long strings of random characters are extremely complex, they provide the optimum security for online accounts where credit card or bank information is exposed. With your passwords stored in an encrypted cloud vault, the only password you’ll need to remember is the one for your password manager.

Since most major browsers include a sophisticated password manager, you’ll have access to all your login details in your browser’s settings menu. As long as you’re signed into your personal profile in your browser, you’ll be able to log into all your online accounts with one click.

Conveniently, the major browsers will keep you logged in as long as you’re using a recognized device. Most third-party password managers will also keep you logged in although they will typically ask you to reenter your password every few days.


Is a Password Generator Hard to Use?

Password generators work with one click, so there really isn’t much of a learning curve. Anyone can set up and use a password manager directly in a browser or mobile device.

As long as you choose a trustworthy browser or plugin, you won’t have to worry about the details involved in generating or storing your passwords. Your password manager will populate the username and password fields at the login screen, as well.

While learning to use a password generator is easy, you’ll be able to find tutorials online to guide you through the process of using a specific generator.


One Button Handles Everything

The handiest feature of a password generator is that it works with one click. When you use well-known browsers and plugins, you won’t have to worry about compromised login details because your information will be stored in a secure database.

However, absolute online security is impossible, so it’s important to change all your passwords every three months. The single-button function of a password generator makes it easy to create new secure passwords for all your online accounts.


Much Easier Than Manually Creating Secure Passwords

While you could generate random passwords by smashing the keys on your keyboard, they still wouldn’t be as secure as a random character generator because they would be limited by the proximity of the physical keys.

Random character generators create long strings of very random characters with each character in the string increasing the complexity of the password exponentially.

With a 12-character password including uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters, you can make it nearly impossible for cybercriminals to get into your account through the front door.


Take the Worry Out of Browsing the Internet

Whether you use your browser’s password manager or a third-party plugin, you won’t have to worry about keeping track of your passwords. As you create online accounts, your password manager will ask for your permission to store your username and password in a secure location in the cloud.

As long as you have access to your master password, you’ll be able to search through your vault for all your encrypted information. Using a password generator is a simple way to increase your online security while making it easier to keep track of all your account details.

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