Building a Review Site in WordPress? Here’s How

As consumers take their questions and concerns online, the need for review sites has increased exponentially. Finding out about the latest products is a need that many people can find through online sites. Being able to view product reviews online saves so much time in deciding on what products or services you want to look for. With that need comes the desire to fulfill it for people, and that is why building a review site is important. The most common resource for websites is WordPress, which accounts for over 70% of web pages on the internet. Why is it so popular? Well, it is because it is easy to use and very compatible for most sites.

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If you are planning to build a review site with WordPress, then here is how to do that.

Choosing an Area of Expertise

Firstly, you need to come up with something you want to talk about. This is the first step as you want to be able to discuss and review things that you actually know about. Thanks to the internet, you can become pretty well versed in just about any topic. This website shows how having a diversified portfolio of reviews, and knowledge, can help you provide solutions for any kind of user. If you focus on one thing, make sure you are great at it, and even if you review multiple products, be sure your content is trustworthy. Using your knowledge of something to build a strong and reputable source of information through a review site is how you can begin your journey to making a great review site on WordPress.

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Pick a Template or Create Your Own

WordPress is really great for its compatibility for users of all skill levels. Being proficient in coding is not a necessity when creating your own review site because WordPress makes it easy to find templates and design themes that work for you. Picking from the options available will allow you to create a site that looks and feels professional. The ease of access for finding these templates is all simple to navigate on their site, as much of the work is done for you with tutorials available to walk you through the creation of your site. Review sites should not be overly complicated in their visuals. You want to keep it clean and simple to navigate, but do not skimp out on style to make your review site attractive.

Domain Name and Hosting

Picking a good domain name will determine a lot of things for your site. URL addresses that are too long are hard to remember for people looking for your site. Likewise, you need a reliable hosting service too. Making your domain name is done as one of the initial steps on WordPress. It will help you pick through some options that are available, and tell you how much those domains are going to cost for monthly or yearly ownership. There are domain hosting services recommended by WordPress on their site as well, which have a small cost. The purpose of using these services is to make sure that you do not lose your site, as long as you keep paying that fee. Creating your own review site means you need to feel like you have ownership over it, and WordPress does a great job allowing you to feel like that.

Marketing Your Site

After you have created your site, you are going to need to find a way to make it noticeable. When it comes to marketing, you have a lot of options, which can be easily implemented into a WordPress site. Search engine optimization is one of the more popular marketing options because it is organic. Using keywords and making your site appear higher on search engine results can be done through writing quality content on your site. Similarly, creating multiple pages that keep people on your site is important. Backlinking, as it is called, can be done during the WordPress creation process. Ultimately, it boils down to presenting your site as being a valuable source for information on the things you are reviewing, and the content you put on your page will help you market yourself as a source of knowledge.


Thanks to WordPress, making websites has become significantly easier. In particular, creating a review site means having quality images, writing, and being able to create a very user friendly experience. WordPress can facilitate all of these important elements in crafting a review site that people will use as their go to guide for products.

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