Trend watch: Top 10 website design trend for 2018

What does 2018 have in stock for website design?

I believe this is the question; every forward-thinking designer is grappling to answer now; the reason is simple: technology is changing the landscape so fast, and so many things are becoming cool; hence the need to stay ahead of the curve.

What is a better way to stay in the loop than to keep a tab on the past trends, know the facts about digital marketing agencies, and keep abreast of developments in the industry? That’s why I wrote this article to take a closer look at the changes I believe will define the website designing industry in the coming year.

So here we go;


Mobile-First will keep dominating

Traffic from mobile devices finally outpaced desktop; this means as we head into 2018 the focus for designers will be optimizing their websites for the mobile. In fact, Google is set to introduce in the first quarter of 2018 the Mobile first index. So if you’re not yet on the mobile wagon, 2018 is a year you must get onboard or go extinct.

Another factor driving the mobile first design is the AMP technology. If you haven’t heard of AMP before it means Accelerated Mobile which is a technology that tends to declutter a website and offer a faster web load time version. I believe you understand the importance of site speed on the performance and conversion rate for businesses, right?


Broken Grid Layout

2017 was a year of a significant shift in how website grid layouts are used. It signaled the break from the traditional, age-long grid system to a more asymmetric form. And I believe the trend will continue into 2018.

The broken grid style allows designers to experiment, be unique and give expression to their messages in a distinctive way – this I believe is the appeal to new brands seeking to grab attention in the marketplace.


Responsive Design

For me ‘responsiveness’ has evolved beyond just a trend to a principle. Honestly, by 2018 any business that still hasn’t redesigned their static website to a more responsive site is setting themselves up for death.

With the move towards a mobile-centered internet, visitors to your website expect to have a seamless experience, and if this is not so, they’ll leave to your competitor’s without looking back.


Progressive web apps

When individuals use their smartphones, the more significant part of that time is spent on apps. Web designers have taken notice and figured out a way of turning websites into apps; the result is the progressive web app – the goal is to bring the best of both worlds together.

This trend as expected will continue into 2018, and we’d be seeing more of websites integrated with traditional mobile features such as push notifications, splash screens, and animated page transitions.


Bold Fonts and Bright Colors

The rise in minimalistic designs is the primary factor driving this trend. As designers opt for more straightforward, lightweight designs with prominent white space; Bold, colorful font types takes center-stage replacing images.

As 2018 rolls in we’re expecting more designers to adopt a more modern style, bold, bright typeface to comply with the mobile-first trend.

There you have our top five trends to watch out for in 2018.

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