How website imagery can improve your sales


Ever buy a house without a walk through?  Buy a new car without taking it for a test drive?  I’m guessing probably not.  It used to be that if you were in the market to make a purchase, whether it’s a large life changing purchase, or even smaller items like the feel of new headphones, the advantage usually went to brick and mortar retail outlets as customers wanted to see and feel before they purchase.  With the ever growing online sales presence today, whether you are using it is for convenience or to save money, window shopping now has to be in the form of website imagery.  Customers want to be wowed.  You can browse the internet all day and it can all run together, let’s face it, there can seem like endless amounts of sites with the same product, but you really want to capture your intended audience, personalized canvases, and rise above the rest, but how do you do that?

How website imagery can improve your sales

Most websites are interested in the amount of traffic it receives, but they can forget that although a customer may land on your site, but they could click off immediately, so you want them to stay and make a purchase.  A lot of times consumers want to feel an emotional connection with the product, they want to feel safe, so try and transfer that to the website with the images that are portrayed.  Photos showing positive facial expressions such as a smile can bring positive energy to the site.  Body language that is happy, relaxed, and satisfied can go a long way and make the customer feel comfortable.  Use real life photos instead of generic stock photos, something they can connect with have a common interest with.  You really want to the customer to be able to get the feeling of your product even though they cannot physically touch in person.

There really is an advantage these days with technology that anything is possible, so use it as an advantage, really make the images pop.  Try images that can rotate, that are not still-life, have some personality to it.  Think outside the box, add cute animals, customer reviews with pictures, and do not let the site go on without change.  Test and see what works.  Consumers are not stupid, they research before they purchase, they want to feel wanted and needed as a customer, so go the extra mile and put in extra effort with the images.  It definitely will not go unnoticed.


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