10 innovative team page design inspiration

Showing a company’s team members is a good way to inspire trust in your visitors. In fact this design concept is more and more readily seen in companies and startups that are a bit more forward thinking. Most of these current designs use not only words, but images and sometimes even videos to show how each team member look like. They also take this opportunity to highlight their strength so that visitors can understand why they can trust the products or services of this company. If you like to see how these team pages can be design, below are 10 inspirations for you to draw reference from.


Team page design #1: by Alexandre Naud

team page design inspiration 1

Combining both a timeline concept with a team design, it is a creative take on how the ‘about us’ page¬† can be made to show a static and history view of a company.¬† Very creative and practical.


Team page design #2: by Lateral

team page design inspiration 2

Very interactive and attention grabbing design. The headshots will follow your cursor, thus making the entire page feels alive. The only downside might be the long loading speed due to the heavy use of the images.


Team page design #3: by Co Collective

team page design inspiration 3

I love the combination of real photos with hand drawn elements. The resulting visual impact is distinct and creates a memorable impression on your visitors.


Team page design #4: by eROI

team page design inspiration 4

The distinctive concept used in this example is the quirky poses as well as the sideway scrolling that makes the whole page feels a bit more interactive and fun. You can of course use different imposes to convey the branding of your company but this concept makes the whole team feel real and human.


Team page design #5: by Ben Johnson

team page design inspiration 5

A nice concept for a mobile team page design. The half faces and the square blocks do go well together, creating a simple and yet visually attractive design on the phone.


Team page design #6: by Najam

team page design inspiration 6

Remember the hexagon web design ideas that I have shared a couple of weeks ago? Well, here is the same idea, being applied to a team page design. It looks modern and is visually distinct from the usual circle centric design.


Team page design #7: by Nextgenworks

team page design inspiration 7

Using illustration rather than real images is another alternative concept that you can play around with. Here, the illustrations are distictive and personal charm to the whole page.


Team page design #8: by Aubrey

team page design inspiration 8

The full screen image design works really well to convey a professional and modern look. It takes the full screen image concept and chops it up to different portion. A well executed idea.


Team page design #9: by SDG

team page design inspiration 10

A grid based style that can easily be modified into a metro style page by adding a fit of real time flip effects. It is another way to present your team and gets away from the usual layout.


Team page design #10: by TargetProcess

team page design inspiration 11

Applying a cardboard look on the team’s pictures is a nice touch of innovation. The feel instantly becomes different and creates a memorable experience for the visitor.

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  1. Benjamin Dara says:

    Creating a custom team page is such a great thing. I love seeing the creativity here. It brings me back to when we created our “Meet the Masterminds” page on our web design company site. It really helps us in the selling process.

  2. Benjamin Dara says:

    This is a great article. I love when companies make creative team pages. When we did your “Meet the Masterminds” section to be honest I was a bit reluctant and wanted it to not have a team section and our CMO explained the necessity of it. Then we did create such a section and it’s a massive hit! It actually really helps us sell our personality.