How to Improve Your Team’s Social Media

The world has evolved a lot since team sport started. Gone are the days of people knowing a sports team just through word of mouth. Nowadays, it is all about social media engagement as well as winning. Having a platform can help a team promote themselves and get them noticed by more and more people. Keep reading for more tips on how to improve your team’s social media pages.


Keep the Fans Interested 

Since the pandemic and sports stopped, fear was created that fans would stop being engaged with their favorite teams. So, this is where social media came in and had to keep the fan interested. Sports teams use social media to:

  • Keep fans up to date – this can be about new layers coming, returning players and why they are staying, and any upcoming games that are happening.


  • The players engage with their fans – using several social media platforms and their ‘live’ feature to give fans opportunities to ask questions, win contests and see behind the scenes.


Team Makeover 

As well as keeping the fans engaged with the team, the team members should sometimes get something new that will excite them. A good way to feel like a team and present that to the fans and opponents is the uniforms they wear. The team’s uniform is a way to unite the team and make them feel like they have become part of a big family. One way to revamp the uniform is to personalize/customize them. Many companies can customize any sort of clothing, such as custom Converse by Anthem Branding, where they can make the team’s stripe look unique. It will stand out and will help with the promotion of the brand.


Hire the Best 

The easiest way to improve the team’s social media platforms is to hire a professional. The job of social media manager is becoming more and more in demand because so many brands, companies, and in this case, sports teams have got social media. When you are hiring a social media manager for a sports team, there are certain things to always have in mind. You have to ensure that the person you hire has an interest in the sport and has knowledge of the sport; otherwise, the social media platform won’t come across the way you want them to. Also, ensure that the person you hire can adapt to the ever-changing trends that occur because you want the team to stay relevant and modern.



Keeping a sports team relevant and the fans interested can be hard, especially with a pandemic. However, following these tips might just be the answer to all of the questions that you may have. Ensuring the team stays on trend, looks, feels their best, and engages with their fans can help them stay on top. Also, improving how you handle social media and hiring a professional to take care of all that, so the players don’t have to. The team can just focus on what they know, which is winning.

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