8 Useful Tools For Designers to Help Identify Unknown Fonts

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1. What The Font

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WhatTheFont! « MyFonts

2. Identifont

http://blog.kanojo.de/?p=The-Ideal-Five-Binary-Options-Indicators-For-Profitable-Trading The Ideal Five Binary Options Indicators For Profitable Trading Identifont - 1- Serif or sans-serif-

3. Message Boards: Typophile

http://ideas.kanojo.de/?p=Doha-Bank-Qatar-Stock-Exchange Doha Bank Qatar Stock Exchange Type ID Board - Typophile

4. Bowfin Printworks

This site has heaps of information and it is also a multiple online font finder tools. The process is simple, you have to answer a few questions regarding the shape of the glyphs of the font you want to find. It is quite like Identifont, but to input all the data is quite quick and easy as it is all in one page whilst on the other hand Identifont has multiple pages and it gets a bit irksome. It includes guides for Script Fonts, Bauhaus-style Fonts, Sans Serif and Serif Fonts and Lined Fonts. Bowfin Printworks’ owner is also willing to answer any font ID questions free of cost through email.

Bowfin Printworks - Finding Just Your Type - Serif Font Identification Guide - Search Page - Identification Tool

5. TypeNavigator

TypeNavigator is developed by Fontshop. It is quite similar to Bowfin Printworks as it works on the same principles i.e asking questions about the shape of each character.

FontShop. The World’s Best Fonts.

6. Flickr Typeface Identification

flickr has a group which identifies fonts and another group that shows fonts used in different pictures called Fonts in Use, that is useful for quick reference.

Flickr- Fonts in Use

7. Font Trainer

Font Trainer will help you view fonts in various styles. It acts as a font recognizing quiz for the user. You can train yourself to recognize many popular fonts and reduce the need of font recognizing websites. Moreover knowing the names of many fonts will definitely help you impress your fellow website designers


8. Lists of Fonts

Sometimes the easiest way to find a font is simply by checking out the lists of the most widely used fonts. Here are some lists that can be used for quick reference.

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  1. shella says:

    wow thanks for this one, ive been looking for ways to recognize fonts that i dont know , glad youve shared this one

  2. Thank you for sharing the Message board as well. Till now, I’ve tried WhatTheFont only.