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#1: Adobe Edge Animate

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#2: Google Web Designer

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#3:  Mixeek

html5 animation tools 3

The strength of mixeek is that it is 100% free and is not dependent on browser compatibility. Interface wise, it is not as sleek as the ones offered by the bigger companies but it gets the job done. If you want simple Html5 animations, this tool is worth a try.


#4: Tumult Hype

html5 animation tools 4

This is a key frame based html5 animations creator. There is a free trial version for you to download while the premium version costs only USD29. If you like to work with keyframes, this tool is for you.


#5:  A5-Animator

html5 animation tools 5

Another key frame based html5 animation tool. A5 also offers a free version that you can download with some restrictions on the use. If you like what, you can consider upgrading to the premium version.


#6: Mugeda

html5 animation tools 6

Mugeda is a browser based Html5 animation tool that comes with all sorts of features such as analytics, templates etc. The free version has limited use on some of the advanced features but you can still get some work done.


#7: Chart.js

html5 animation tools 7

If you just want to create html5 animated graphs, then Chart.js is the right tool. It focuses on chart generation so the features are more comprehensive in this regards, relative to the other more general html5 animation editor.


#8: Purple Animator

html5 animation tools 8

Purple animator is a relatively new comer to the tool scene. It differentiates from the other animation tools by serving as an iOS app, rather than a web based tool.  I am not sure how productive you can be on the iPad but if you are looking for such an app, Purple animator will be one of the few options you have.


#9: Html5maker

html5 animation tools 9

Here is another cool tool that you can use to create html5 animations.  All the animations created using the tool are responsive, i.e. they will look equally look on all browsers and devices. There are also templates that you can use if you don’t want to make everything from scratch.  If you like to give this a go, they have a free version for you to test drive.


#10:  Motion Composer

html5 animation tools 10

Motion composer brings a lot of features and controls for the web designer. Their prices do reflect the fact that it is a premium product. Fortunately, you can still thinker with their trial version which is free to download.

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