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The Porcelain Supercar

180 Wins How To Win In Binary Options Zacks 15-The Porcelain Supercar

Product and Furniture Designs Inspired by Optical Illusions

“0º” is a carpet with black and white lines that don’t look parallel to each other. The design was mirrored from a 1860′s visual illusion by Zollner. [via]

3-Product and Furniture Designs Inspired by Optical Illusions

Avengers Assemble!

Advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy (Portland) has envisioned a print campaign for Target that essentially uses “daily objects to create art.” I.e. each poster has a sculpture of a superhero weapon that is made from various toys, soda cans, pencils and other objects from Target’s stores. [via]

5-Avengers Assemble

Hear the Jaguar Roar!

Inspired by the Jaguar E-Type (1961-75), design studio Skyrill and Marin Myftiu have developed a beautiful concept car called the “Jaguar XKX.”

6-Hear the Jaguar Roar

Sexy Buns


Who is this Lamp tributed to?

If you guessed Amy Winehouse, you are right! The lamp cleverly resembles the singer’s characteristic beehive hairdo; and it was designed by Delightfull.

2-Who is this Lamp tributed to

Camping Tents in Disguise

FieldCandy provided a new twist for tents by making them resemble a watermelon slice, a club sandwich, a book, a circus tent, and more. [via]

4-Camping Tents in Disguise

A Slice out of Dictators

7-A Slice out of Dictators

A Transparent Mask

Designer Fabio Novembre has envisioned a beautiful glass vase in brown and blue

8-A Transparent Mask

Civic Crown made from Knives

9-Civic Crown made from Knives

Record Playing BMX

10-Record Playing BMX

R18 Ultra Chair Public Beta

R18 Ultra Chair Public Beta

Have you Tasted the McForest?

The art and design of Sarah Illenberger is always clever and creative.

12-Have you Tasted the McForest

Furniture made from Recycled Newspapers

Vij5 has launched a unique collection of furniture and home decor objects made partially with newspaper wood.
13-Furniture made from Recycled Newspapers

Levitating Lamp Shades

Company Light Light is selling two electromagnetic lamps entitled “Silhouette” and “Eclipse,” both were designed by Angela Jansen and developed by Ger Jansen. Each futuristic light object costs 980 Euros (approx. $1,300 USD).

14-Levitating Lamp Shades

A Table Design Inspired By Quantum Physics

The Quantum Table” visually mimics the interaction of matter and energy; it was design by Phillips Collection

16-A Table Design Inspired By Quantum Physics

High-End “Space Invaders” Watches

High-End “Space Invaders” Watches

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  1. Jaguar Roar! That was an awesome ride. Really creative.

  2. Ajith says:

    All are really fantastic…I like “A Slice out of Dictators”!